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What comes to your mind when you think of kitchen spaces in Russia?

Maybe you think of beautiful hand-painted wooden cups and spoons like in the pictures below?

wooden cup

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

wooden spoons

Image by Sasha Rzhondkovsky from Pixabay









Or is it a big samovar, an infamous symbol of Russian teatime and, in my opinion, the grandest of all tea kettles?

old samovar

Image by annanes13 from Pixabay

Below is a vocabulary list of many kitchen appliances ranging from modern electric gadgets to time-tested kitchen staples.

Let’s start with the basics and look at what we use at a table before jumping to the cookware.

Dishes and Tableware (Посуда)

Plate – таре́лка [tarelka]

Dessert plate – блю́дце [blyudtse]

Glass – стака́н [stakan]

Cup – ча́шка [chaska]

Mug – кружка [kruzhka]

Bowl – глубо́кая ми́ска [glubokaya miska]

Spoon – ло́жка [lozhka]

Fork – ви́лка [vilka]

Knife – но́ж [nozh]

Chopsticks – па́лочки для еды́ [palochki dlya yedy]

When it comes to fancy outings, many of these utensils also come in single-purpose varieties, such as dessert fork, oyster fork, etc. To name those utensils in Russian, simply add “для” (“for”) followed by the dish or food it’s designed for, e.g., ви́лка для креве́ток (shrimp fork). You can also add the descriptive adjectives like “десе́ртная” or “столо́вая” before the word, like десе́ртная ви́лка.


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Cookware – Кухонная посуда

Cutting board – разде́лочная доска́ [razdelochnaya doska]

Frying pan (skillet) – сковорода́ [skovoroda]

Stock pot – кастрю́ля [kastryulya]

Saucepan – соте́йник [soteynik]

Dutch oven – каза́н [kazan]

Wok – во́к [vok]

*Non-stick – анти-прига́рное покры́тие (а/п покры́тие) [anti-prigarnoye pokrytiye]

Kitchen utensils Кухонная утварь

Fine Strainer – си́то [sito]

Colander – дуршла́г [durshlag]

Balloon Whisk – ве́нчик [venchik]

Tongs – щипцы́ [shchiptsy]

Ladle – поло́вник, поварёшка [polovnik, povaroshka]

Slotted Spoon – ло́жка с отве́рстиями [lozhka s otverstiyami]

Metal Spoon – металли́ческая ло́жка [metallicheskaya lozhka]

Wooden Spoon – деревя́нная ло́жка [derevyannaya lozhka]

Turning Spatula – лопа́тка [lopatka]

Rolling Pin – ска́лка [skalka]

Baking utensils– Приборы для выпечки

Cake pan – фо́рма для то́рта [forma dlya torta]

Pie pan – фо́рма для пирога́ [forma dlya piroga]

Cake Server – лопа́тка для то́рта [lopatka dlya torta]

Baking pan – про́тивень [protiven]

Pastry Scrapper – шпа́тель [shpatel]

Silicon Spatulas – силико́новые лопа́тки [silikonovyye lopatki]

Oven mitt – прихва́тка [prikhvatka]

Single Purpose Gadgets

Breadbox (bread bin) – хле́бница [khlebnitsa]

Grater – тёрка [tyorka]

Potato Peeler – карто́фелечи́стка [kartofelechistka]

Potato Masher – толку́шка [tolkushka]

Bin – му́сорная корзи́на [musornaya korzina]

Can opener – консе́рвный но́ж [konservnyy nozh]

Ice cube tray – лото́к для льда́ [lotok dlya l’da]

Thermos – те́рмос [termos]

Corkscrew – што́пор [shtopor]

Garlic Press – чеснокода́вка/пресс для чеснока́/чеснокодави́лка [chesnokodavka/press dlya chesnoka/chesnokodavilka]

Ice Cream Scooper – ло́жка для моро́женного [lozhka dlya morozhennogo]

Meat mallet – молото́к для мя́са [molotok dlya myasa]

If you are curious to try out a recipe that requires use of meat mallets check out Nadya’s delicious blog on Beef Stroganoff here.


Image by Kate Stejskal from Pixabay

Electric Appliances

Kettle – ча́йник [chaynik]

Toaster – то́стер

Microwave – микроволно́вка [mikrovolnovka]

Oven – духо́вка [dukhovka]

Refrigerator (fridge) – холоди́льник [kholodil’nik]

Dishwasher – посудомо́йка [posudomoyka]

Blender – бле́ндер

Juicer – со́ковыжима́лка [sokovyzhimalka]


Image by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay

Teatime and drinks

Pitcher or jug – кувши́н [kuvshin]

Samovar – самова́р

Teapot – зава́рник / ча́йник для зава́рки [zavarnik / chaynik dlya zavarki]

Coffee grinder – кофемолка [kofemolka]

Materials (Материалы)

Metal – металли́ческий [metallicheskiy]

Aluminum – алюми́ниевый [alyuminiyevyy]

Copper – ме́дный [mednyy]

Cast Iron – чугу́нный [chugunnyy]

Stainless steel – нержаве́ющая сталь (нержавейка) [nerzhaveyushchaya stal’ (nerzhaveyka)]

The coating (покры́тие) for many pans is enamel, so if you are looking for a lasagna dish make sure the casserole pot has эма́ль or is labeled эмалиро́ванный.


Image by Kate Stejskal from Flickr

Other non-metallic cookware has the following varieties:

Ceramic – керами́ческий [keramicheskiy]

Glass – стекля́нный [steklyannyy]

Teflon (PTFE non-stick) – тефло́новое покры́тие [teflonovoye pokrytiye]

Stone – ка́менный [kamennyy]

Silicone – силико́новый [silikonovyy]

Wooden – деревя́нный [derevyannyy]

Do you know of any common, regional, or perhaps “funny” names in Russian for these utensils? Are there any essential cookware pieces that didn’t make it to this list? Let me know in the comments.

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