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Kitchen Appliances Posted by on Jan 15, 2021

old samovar

What comes to your mind when you think of kitchen spaces in Russia? Maybe you think of beautiful hand-painted wooden cups and spoons like in the pictures below?                 Or is it a big samovar, an infamous symbol of Russian teatime and, in my opinion, the grandest of…

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Whole-foods shopping in Russia Posted by on Jan 4, 2021


Whether your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier and try new foods or your diet is already rich in plant-based meals, this collection of Russian words will come in handy for your next grocery outing. And one certainly doesn’t have to be a vegetarian (вегетериа́нец/вегетериа́нка), vegan (ве́ган/вега́нка), or rawtarian (сырое́д) to stock up their…

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Meet Your New Friends: Russian Adverbs Posted by on Sep 23, 2014

The last few mornings have been relatively chilly, at least in the state of Michigan. As I was getting my fall coat out of the closet, it occurred to me that now is the perfect time to do a post on adverbs. “I don’t see the connection,” – you might say. Well, let me explain…

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How to “Google”, or Perform an Internet Search, in Russian Effectively Posted by on Aug 13, 2014

If you are trying to improve your Russian by searching for content in Russian online, you might be having a hard time finding what you are looking for. If you haven’t considered watching/reading Russian content online for improving your Russian, you definitely should. Immersion, immersion, and… immersion is one of the best ways to…

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Russians: American Film Antagonists Posted by on May 13, 2014

From the time I was old enough to watch TV, I have loved movies: action (боевик), drama (драма), comedy (комедия), horror movie (фильм ужасов) – you name it, I used to like them all. As I got older, one interesting thing became apparent to me: many of the villains in the American movies I liked…

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50 Easiest Russian Words to Remember Posted by on Feb 5, 2014

If you just started learning Russian, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that you already know anywhere between 20 to 100 Russian words. How is it possible? Actually, there is a pretty simple explanation behind it. Every language has a slew of loanwords, e.g. words borrowed from one language and incorporated into another…

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Learn Russian and Stay Positive Posted by on Aug 22, 2013

Learning Russian is not an easy task and it’s important to stay positive while tackling numerous grammar rules and even more numerous exceptions to them. So today’s word is позитив. While the word is a direct transfer from English into Russian, there are a few important differences to keep in mind. First, the stress in…

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