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As we covered on this blog before, Russians are quite active on social media (социальные сети). Are you ready to talk about social networking in Russian? Here are some handy words.

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Делиться (imperfective)/поделиться (perfective) + object in the instrumental case + с + recipient in the prepositional case means “to share.”

  • Хочу поделиться полезной ссылочкой. (I want to share a useful little link.) [коллективный. Форум: Аппликация (2009-2012)]


Messages (сообщение in the singular) are another mainstay of social media. This word comes from “сообщать,” to communicate, to inform.

  • У Вас 5 непрочитанных сообщений. (You have 5 unread messages.)

Запись (пост)

Anything you post on your wall (стена) or feed (лента) can be called запись (entry) or more colloquially пост (a post). Запись comes from записать (to write down).

  • Удалить запись? (Delete post?)
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Добавить + accusative + в/на + accusative means “to add.”

  • Добавить фотографию в альбом. (Add a photo to the album.)


As you may remember from our писать post, подписаться + на + acc. means “to subscribe.” This word is used in Russian user interfaces in place of “follow” someone. A subscriber is подписчик.

  • Вы можете подписаться на обновления канала. (You can subscribe to channel updates.)


Комментарий is a comment. Sometimes you will see the colloquial anglicized “коммент” online. Some common expressions are оставить комментарий (to leave a comment) or комментировать (to comment).

  • Самые злобные комментарии к моим колонкам прикрывались заботой о моих детях. (The meanest comments on my columns pretended to care about my children.) [Source: коллективный. Ради детей (2014.02.28)]


do not enter sign

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This word comes from the English “ban” but has taken on a new meaning in Russian. Бан refers to blocking a specific user from accessing/commenting on someone’s content. The colloquial verb for blocking someone is “забанить.”

  • Ещё один пост в таком тоне и отправитесь в бан. (One more post link that, and you’ll be blocked.) [коллективный. Форум: Обсуждение фильма «Война и Мир» (2007-2011)]

Под кат

This is another expression featuring a uniquely Russian use of English words. Кат comes from the English word “cut.” If I remember correctly, this was an element of the LiveJournal blogging platform letting you hide the ending of your post, similar to “read more” tags in other platforms. This expression can be used in the accusative to talk about putting something after the “read more” tag (спрятать подробности под кат — to hide details under “read more”) or in the prepositional for talking about something that is already under that tag:

  • Как всегда, под катом полная текстовая версия ответов. (As always, the full text version of the answers is hidden under “read more.”)
    [коллективный. Есть ли разница — работать в аутсорсе или в продуктовой компании? Мнения из Яндекса в Нижнем Новгороде (2014)]

Have you seen or used any of these while using the Russian internet (рунет)? What other words would you like to know to help you navigate the web in Russian?

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