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Russian Verbs Related To Ставить Posted by on Aug 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

As our returning readers know, learning Russian verbs is easier and more fun when you can meet an entire verb “family.” We are continuing our popular series on Russian verbs with the same root by looking at verbs with the -став- root.

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At its most basic, ставить (imperf.)/поставить (perf.) means to put. Note that this is only used about putting something that can stand on its own. If the objects lies flat on a horizontal surface, the usual verb is класть (imperf.)/положить (perf.); we’ve covered this verb and its derivatives.

  • Мы поставили пианино в угол (We put the piano in the corner).
  • Она положила журнал на стол (She put the magazine on the table).


Представить (perf.)/представлять (imp.) is an important verb with several meanings. It can mean “to introduce” (a person to someone), in which case it may also be reflexive (представляться, “to introduce oneself”).

  • Хозяин представил друга гостям (The host introduced his friend to the guests).
  • Представьтесь, пожалуйста (Please introduce yourself).

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It can also mean “to represent.” A representative is представитель.

  • Россию на этом соревновании представляют две команды (Two teams represent Russia at this competition).

Представить (or, more commonly, представить себе) also means “to imagine.”

  • Представь себе, что мы на юге (Imagine we’re in the south).

Finally, представить is a formal way of saying “to produce, to furnish” (documents, evidence, and the like).

  • Адвокат представил суду доказательства невиновности подозреваемого (The lawyer showed the court evidence proving the suspect’s innocence).


Предоставить (perf.)/предоставлять (imp.) means “to provide, to offer” (goods, services, and so on).

  • Магазин предоставляет скидки студентам (The store offers student discounts).


Заставить (perf.)/заставлять (imp.) has a less literal connection to ставить. This verb means to force, to make someone do something.

  • Родители заставили детей тепло одеться (The parents made their children dress warmly).
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Составить (perf.)/составлять (imperf.) means to put together, to compose. This can be used literally, for placing physical objects close to each other, or figuratively, for coming up with ideas or steps.

  • Мы составили мебель в одну комнату на время ремонта (We put our furniture in one room for the duration of the renovations).
  • Мэрия составила программу праздника (The town hall has put together a program[me] of holiday events).

What other verbs related to ставить do you know?

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  1. Ramona Kline:

    I have been studying verb “families”, so this post was very helpful and timely for me, especially since I have struggled this past year to understand the different uses of these verbs.