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Ways To Respond To Spasibo Posted by on Apr 20, 2021

Helping to climb

You probably already know how to thank others in Russian. We discussed this topic earlier in this blog. But it’s equally important to know what to answer when someone thanks you. Today we will learn how to respond to words of gratitude. You Are Welcome First of all, I’ll start with the most known expression: Пожа́луйста!…

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Не За Что Or Ни За Что Posted by on Jan 22, 2021

Ni Za Chto

In today’s topic, we will talk about the difference between “нЕ за что” and “нИ за что“. Even some Russian speakers sometimes make mistakes in the spelling of these two phrases. However, it is important to realize that their meanings are different. Both sound like just one word. Let’s look at some examples of using “не…

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Meet Your New Friends: Russian Adverbs Posted by on Sep 23, 2014

The last few mornings have been relatively chilly, at least in the state of Michigan. As I was getting my fall coat out of the closet, it occurred to me that now is the perfect time to do a post on adverbs. “I don’t see the connection,” – you might say. Well, let me explain…

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Apps with Russian Origins Posted by on Jun 4, 2014

If you have a smartphone, and statistics show that 22% of the world’s population does (1), then you likely have downloaded an app or two or ten. What you may be surprised to know is that some of the most successful apps were created by people from Russia or countries that used to be a part of the…

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Verb of the Week: посвящать/посвятить Posted by on Aug 17, 2012

Всем привет! [Hello all!] It’s been a while since we have done a verb of the week, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about yet another wonderful Russian verb (because there’s nothing like a little Russian grammar to spice up your Friday, right?). I opened my verb book…

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Talking on the Phone – In Russian! Posted by on Aug 3, 2012

If you are learning Russian, it is a great idea to cultivate friendships with русскоговорящие [Russian speakers]. Your Russian friends will be thrilled that you are learning Russian and can help you learn new words and phrases. When I was за границей [abroad], I made friends with a few Russians who were also studying…

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Meet Michael McFaul, the New US Ambassador to Russia Posted by on Jan 30, 2012

In case you did not know, «я американка» [I’m American]. I grew up here and I go to university here, and I tend to look at foreign affairs through an American lens. I realize that a large portion of our readers are not American, so this post may not be as relevant or apply…

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