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Top Russian Blog Posts of 2017 Posted by on Dec 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

As this year draws to a close and many of our readers will be celebrating with their loved ones, let us take a look at the most popular posts published this past year.


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10. What Subjects Should I Avoid in a Russian Conversation?

This post talked about some common taboos when talking to Russians — and topics that are fair game in Russia, even though they are off-limits in other places. Did you know that asking what your friend makes may be OK, but don’t you dare ask about a woman’s age (возраст)?

9. 5 Things You Should Know About Renting Apartments in Russia

We looked at a practical side of staying in Russia, namely renting a place to live and how rental conventions are different from those in Europe or the US. For example, if you’re looking to rent an apartment/flat (квартира) in Russia, be prepared to deal with a private landlord, who will offer you a furnished dwelling with the utilities paid.

8. What Do Russians Like Doing?

elderly couple walking in a park

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In the midst of international showdowns and scandals, we wanted to emphasize the preferences of everyday Russians not wielding political power. Favorite activities include walks (прогулки) and drinking tea.

7. 7 Russian MOOCs You Can Take Right Now

This post listed some online classes in Russian available at the time of publication. The subjects ranged from learning Russian to Russian literature and history presented in Russian. Some of these courses (курсы) are still available now!

6. Cossack or Kazakh: What’s The Difference and What To Call Them In Russian?

We explained the difference between two similar-sounding groups of people — Cossacks (казаки) and Kazakh (казахи). One refers to a military society in the south of Russian and Ukraine, and the other to a Turkic ethnic group.

5. What Are Russian Parents Like?

We examined some quirks of Russian parenting. Parents (родители) in Russia tend to be fairly protective of their children and involved in their lives — sometimes even at the expense of their privacy.

4. 5 Russian Foods That May Get Lost In Translation

When a Russian talks about soups or a sandwich (бутерброд), do they mean the same thing you are used to? This post points out some important traits of dishes known worldwide when they are made in Russia.

3. Can You Name 10 Birds In Russian?


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This list of popular birds will help you describe the avians you see in Russia. The list includes such birds as sparrows (воробьи) and geese (гуси).

2. Two Ways of Saying “For” in Russian: What’s The Difference Between Для And За?

We explain the difference between two prepositions translated into English as “for” — “за” and “для.” One is used primarily to express your support or an exchange and the other to express a purpose.

1. 5 Songs To Play At A Russian Wedding

Our most popular post of 2017 features some catchy tunes you are likely to hear at a wedding in Russia. The list features the heartfelt “Свадьба” (“Wedding”) and the cheesy “Белые розы” (“White Roses”).

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