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Expressing Your Opinion in Spanish Posted by on Jan 10, 2014 in Learning, Spanish Vocabulary, Uncategorized

Hello, there!

Today we are going to read a small dialogue to introduce our topic today: how to express your opinion in Spanish.

Me Parece Un Tipo Profesional

Gabriel: ¿Qué opinas del nuevo empleado de la oficina? [What do you think of the new office employee?]
Andrés: Me parece que le está yendo bien. Se me hace que es un tipo profesional. [I think he’s doing well. He looks like a professional guy.]
Gabriel: ¿Cuánto tiempo lleva en la compañía? [How long has it been in the company?]
Andrés: Unas cinco semanas, creo. [Around five weeks, I guess.]
Gabriel: En serio? ¡Qué rápido que pasa el tiempo! [Really? Time does fly by!]

So Gabriel asks:

¿Qué opinas del nuevo empleado de la oficina?

Opinar, as you may already know, means to have an opinion, so this is a common way of saying “What do you think about…?”

You can also say:

¿Qué piensas de…? – What do you think of/about… [informal]
¿Qué piensa de…? – What do you think of/about… [formal]
¿Tú qué crees? – What do you think? [informal]
¿Usted qué cree? – What do you think? [formal]
¿Qué te parece? – What do you think? [informal]
¿Qué le parece? – What do you think? [formal]
¿Qué opinas de…? – What is your opinion about…? [informal]
¿Qué opina de…? – What is your opinion about…? [formal]

To answer these questions you can use the following expressions:

Yo creo que… – I believe that…
Yo pienso que… – I think that…
Me parece que está perfecto. – It looks perfect to me. / I think it’s perfect.
No estoy muy seguro, quisiera pensarlo mejor. – I’m not entirely sure, I’d like to think it over.
En mi opinión… – In my opinión…
Opino que… – I think that…
Desde mi punto de vista… – From my point of view…
Se me hace que… – I think that… / My impression is that…
Para mí… – To me…
Se me hace un tipo serio. – He looks like a serious guy.
¿Puedo pensarlo un poco más antes de responder? – Can I think some more before answering?

So now it’s time to take action! Imagine that someone is asking your opinion about the following topics:

– calentamiento global [global warming]
– la política [politics]
– la última película de Pedro Almodóvar [Pedro Almodóvar’s latest movie]

Try and use the questions and sentences above to express your opinion about them.

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