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Most Read Newspapers in Spanish (Part 2) Posted by on Dec 10, 2019 in Uncategorized

In this post I will continue my short list of the most read newspapers written in Spanish, be it from Spain or Latin America.

It is worth noticing that most of the media I have been showing you since my previous article has well-developed websites or even online editions that can be accessed for free.

Once again, these newspapers will allow its readers to access several interesting viewpoints from journalists and experts on the most diverse subjects regarding the Spanish-speaking countries and the world as a whole.

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  • El País (Spain): Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Madrid, it is one of the Spanish newspapers with the most reach among the public. So much so that it even has an international edition printed and distributed in Latin America. In 2016, the online edition of El País had a readership of over 11 million people. Although it has a tendency towards the center-left, it presents a plurality of ideologies on its daily articles and sections. Website:


  • Clarín (Argentina): With a tradition going back to 1945, Clarín can boast about an online readership amounting to over 19 million users, according to a 2019 survey on the website for the newspaper, started in March 1996. This tabloid is the largest of its kind in Argentina and also a member of the Latin American Newspaper Association. Its center-right leaning had been a source of conflict with Argentina’s left-wing governments of the recent past. Website:


  • El Comercio (Peru): One of the oldest newspapers in the Spanish-speaking world, it is one of the most prominent media in Peru. After its foundation in 1839, El Comercio led the way—from its head offices in Lima—in the evolution of the regional media landscape. This newspaper began as a literary, political, and commercial platform for many kinds of ideas, and due to its ideological tendency towards liberalism, it has always given an impulse to investigative journalism. Website:


  • Milenio (Mexico): Originally called Diario de Monterrey at the time of its foundation, it has been expanding to other Mexican cities from 1974 onwards. Considered to be the main competitor of the local El Universal, this newspaper publishes several magazines and weekly supplements nationwide, and even operates a 24-hour news channel, Milenio Televisión. Website:


  • El Mercurio (Chile): When talking about tradition, no one seems to beat El Mercurio, founded in 1827 in the city of Valparaíso, followed by the Santiago edition in 1900. Known by its conservative approach to politics and economics, it is today one of the most renowned media in Latin America, though it was known during the latter part of the 20th century for its support of Augusto Pinochet’s military regime. Now, it is a regional pioneer regarding newspapers creation and design. Website:


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