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The Neutral Accent in Spanish… Is it real? Posted by on Jan 27, 2020

Admit it: You probably have tried to imitate the impeccable accent you have always been hearing on soap operas or TV series coming from the Spanish-speaking world, but you may have noticed it sounds very different from the language spoken elsewhere. Well, I congratulate you for using your TV as a learning tool—it is indeed…

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The Sweet Sounds of Caribbean Spanish Posted by on May 30, 2016

Last week we shared a post on some of the quirks of Colombian Spanish, but even within this one country there’s as much variety of language as of geography and people, with sometimes mind-blowingly different pronunciation and word choice to be found just over the next mountain range. One of the many varieties of Spanish you’ll hear in Colombia is…

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The Many Dialects of Spanish (and What They Mean for Language Learners) Posted by on Feb 22, 2016

Ambitious language learners the world over are devoting hours and hours every week to learning Spanish, but most of them have never spared a thought for which Spanish. Last week we posted about European vs Latin American Spanish, but the differences don’t stop there. Spanish, like its distant cousin English, is a pluricentric language, meaning…

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5 Sounds that Are Making Your Spanish Pronunciation Sound Super Gringo Posted by on Dec 28, 2015

Speaking Spanish is kind of hard. Not just because every word has about 34 different meanings, but also because of its many nuanced sounds. For speakers of other languages, the sounds of Spanish — especially the consonants — can be counterintuitive. V‘s that sound more like B‘s and diphthongs that sound like not much of anything are just…

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Diversidad lingüística del español Posted by on Nov 30, 2010

El español es una de las lenguas con mayor número de hablantes en nuestro planeta, tras el chino y el inglés, y uno de los seis idiomas oficiales de la ONU. Se habla en España, México, Andorra, la mayor parte de Centro América y Sudamérica, y hay un gran número de hispanohablantes en Estados Unidos…

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