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Venezuela’s Natural Beauty: Región Andina Posted by on May 31, 2021

Every corner of Venezuela offers plenty of special places whose landscapes are just breathtaking. And after going over the nature’s bounty that is Guayana region, the three states comprising the Andean Region—Trujillo, Mérida, and Táchira—provide the highest sceneries in the country. The longest mountain range in the world goes into Venezuela’s southwestern part and bestow…

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Venezuela’s Natural Beauty: Región Oriental Posted by on Mar 31, 2021

“Oriente” in Venezuelan speak is still today synonymous with flavorful fish dishes, delicious musical rhythms, and holidays on the beaches of any of the five states constituting what is known as “Región Oriental”, lit. Eastern Region: Anzoátegui, Monagas, Sucre, Nueva Esparta and Delta Amacuro. This eco-region is recognized by its eye-catching coasts, relaxing spots, and…

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What the Colombian Peace Process Means for a Generation of Spanish Learners Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

Since late last year, the Colombian Proceso de Paz has been marching forward, bringing Colombia ever closer to a peace that’s been hoped for for generations. This week, it’s again making international headlines, as the Colombian government and the FARC have just formally ratified a “definitive ceasefire” and the beginning of the end of the world’s…

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12 Free Online Resources for Beginning Spanish Learners Posted by on Aug 25, 2016

free spanish resources

Earlier this month we released our new Beginner’s Guide to Spanish, a free resource we’ve put together to help beginning Spanish learners take their first steps along the path to Spanish fluency. For beginners who can’t get enough of free stuff, here are a few more free websites and online resources for getting started or brushing up…

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7 Spectacular Spanish-Speaking Cities for On-the-Job Immersion Posted by on Jun 13, 2016

If you’re learning Spanish in the age of the global economy and the shrinking world, it’s time to think about immersing both your personal and professional lives by looking for work abroad. Immersion is of course one of the best ways to learn a language, but who wants to shovel out thousands of dollars for an “immersion…

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Mochileando para Aprender: Essential Spanish Travel Vocabulary Posted by on Mar 7, 2016

latin america travel spanish

It’s common sense: one of the easiest and most effective ways to learn a language is to travel to a country where it’s spoken. With a huge world language like Spanish, your opportunities are wide open. While Japanese learners are largely limited to a single island, aspiring Spanish speakers can backpack all the way from the Southwestern…

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Immerse Yourself: 5 Free Ways to Learn Spanish Abroad Posted by on Nov 30, 2015

spanish language immersion

Everyone knows that immersion is the gold standard of language learning. In 2015, we know better than to think that uprooting and moving to a new country is the only way to learn a language effectively, but it’s been proven time and again to be among the best ways. It’s also often the most expensive…

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