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The Facebook changes en español Posted by on Sep 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi, there!

As you Facebookers all know, some major layout changes happened on Facebook yesterday and users were less than happy about it. So we proposed a little debate in our Spanish page and here are some of the comments people made:

Es una mierda. (It’s a piece of s***!)
Muy mal. (Very bad.)
No me gusta. (I don’t like it.)
Maldito Facebook. (Damn Facebook.)
A mí tampoco me gusta. (I don’t like it either.)
Qué mierda. (What a piece of s***!)
Lo odio. (I hate it.)
Pinche feo. (F***ing ugly.)
Me cae gordo. (I don’t like it.)
Es una porquería. (It’s a piece of crap.)
Está muy difícil. (It’s very difficult.)
Absolutamente jodido. (All f***ed up.)
Siempre cambiando, me choca. (Always changing, I’m shocked.)
Es ridículo. (It’s ridiculous.)
Cojones, no me gusta. (Balls, I don’t like it.)
Lo odio de veras, maldito sea. (I really hate it, damn it!)
Pésimo. (Terrible.)

There were some people who were indifferent:

Me da igual. (It’s all the same to me.)

And some people who liked it!

Me gustó. (I liked it.)
Está bien. (It’s fine.)
Me gusta mucho. (I like it a lot.)

What about you? What did you think of the new Facebook changes?

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  1. Ryan:

    Hahah I love this. You could probably make another post using the things people had to say about facebook to teach some Spanish Slang. This is definitely outside the realm of classroom Spanish.

  2. Bob:

    this is sooooo duuummmmmmmmmmmmm!…. BUT I LOVE IT!

  3. Funny Pictures:

    LOL This topic is pretty funny. Keep it up!