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2010 is coming – be prepared! Posted by on Dec 29, 2009 in Culture, Swedish Language

Christmas is over (at least the fun bits of it…) and the only thing left of it is the extra kilos of meatballs on my belly that I’m now proudly carrying. Luckily for me, there’s a new year – and a new decade! – waiting around the corner and we all know what that means, don’t we? Yes, it’s time for a fresh start, a new beginning, another gym membership and another long list of resolutions that we normally break around lunchtime New Year’s day. Therefore, I give you some useful Swedish phrases and words to learn as we are heading into the 10’s (tiotalet).

For New Year’s Eve:
Nyårsafton = New Year’s Eve
Gott nytt år! = Happy New Year!
Tvåtusentio = Two thousand ten
Raketer = Fireworks
Nyårslöfte = New Year’s resolution
Trerätters middag = Three course dinner
Finklädd = Dressed up
Skål! = Cheers!
Midnatt = Midnight
Nattmat = Evening snack
Vill du gifta dig med mig? = Would you marry me?
Ja, såklart! = Yes, of course!
Jag älskar dig = I love you

For New Year’s day:
Huvudvärk = Headache
Vätskebrist = Dehydrated
Skräpmat = Junk food
Det här är min sista cigarett! = This is my last cigarette!
Nikotinplåster = Nicotine patch

For January 2nd:
Vad kostar ett gymkort? = How much is a gym memebership?
Träna = Workout
Nyttigt = Healthy
Promenera = Walking
Nej tack = No, thank you

For 2010:
Nystart = New beginning
Återhämta = Recovery
Olympiska Spelen = The Olympic Games
Heja Sverige! = Go Sweden!
Läsplatta = Portable reading device or e-book
Sparkonto = Savings account
Alice i Underlandet = Alice in Wonderland
Solförmörkelse = Solar Eclipse
Val = Election
Kungligt bröllop = Royal wedding
Fotbolls-VM = The Football World Cup
Lycka = Happiness
Hälsa = Health
Välgång = Prosperity

Anyone having “Learn Swedish” as their New Year’s resolution?

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  1. Michael:

    Tack för informationen! Gott nytt år!

  2. Alastair Reid:

    Great to have these words – these are rarely printed in the books I use for learning Swedish. Can you recommend other sources for learning common, useful but rarely listed words – and also their pronouncement?

  3. Owl:

    Oh this post is hilarious. “Vad kostar ett gymkort?” had me in fits! Clever clever.

  4. Minty:

    I am definitely one of those resolving to learn Swedish!