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The Viking Museum of Jorvik aka York Posted by on Jul 21, 2017 in Culture

You blog readers are in for a real treat today I have to say. A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit the Viking museum of York in North-East England. I have known that York used to be a viking settlement approximately around 900 A.D. but I have to admit that I didn’t know that Jorvik was that big and significant for many reasons. Mostly Danish and Norwegian vikings settled the area between 875 to 954 before eventually being annexed into England in 954.

The Jorvik museum was founded in 1976-81 during the so called  Coppergate dig click on the hyper link for more information about the history of this wonderful museum. The museum is absolutely Gorgeous and everybody is extremely helpful and updated. If you are lucky you will meet the lovely Zoe when you enter the museum. She is a real fan of Viking history and also Gothenburg as I understood when we were chatting a bit over the old viking ruins of a house with a tiny fireplace.

You can absolutely tell that they have invested a lot of money into the wax works at the museum after rebuilding it because of floods in 2015. The whole museum has been reimagined with a spectacular journey through the viking era. Since I have found it difficult to insert the video i have made I will post it on our Facebook page on Friday 21 2017 when this post will be scheduled. So I give you some other images for the time being.

This summer there is a special time dedicated to the Vikings in several museums. So if you happened to visit York you’ll see plenty of interesting exhibitions like The Viking Summer for example at the Yorkshire Museum until the 3rd of September.

Each year there is also a Viking celebration in York when most of the people dress as Vikings and take part in different activities during the day.


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  1. Conor:

    I visited the Jorvik museum many years ago, and I have never forgotten the experience. If you get the opportunity, invest a few hours. It will repay you richly, and like me, I am sure you will treasure the memory. WHo could forget those smells!! 😉