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Days of the Week – In Swedish Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Vocabulary

It’s Tuesday. Nothing too remarkable about that. But Tuesday might just be the day you learn the different days of the week in Swedish.

When learning a new language, there are a few things just about everyone focuses on early on. The days of the week are one of those things. Luckily, in Swedish, they are super easy. Nearly all of them look pretty similar in Swedish and English.

Svenska Engelska
Måndag Monday
Tisdag Tuesday
Onsdag Wednesday
Torsdag Thursday
Fredag Friday
Lördag Saturday
Söndag Sunday
Vardagar Weekdays
Helgdagar Sundays/Holidays
Helgen The weekend
Vecka Week

Not bad at all, right? Saturday might be a bit tricky, but the rest look quite familiar. Make sure to ntoe that the first day of the week is Monday, not Sunday as it often is in the United States. And also note that helgdagar are what are sometimes called “Red Days” in Swedish – röda dagar. We’ve written about that here: Public Holidays in Sweden *

But now that we know them, how do we use them? Let’s take a look at some very basic Swedish sentences using the days of the week:



Igår var MÅNDAG. Yesterday was Monday
Idag är TISDAG. Today is Tuesday
Imorgon är ONSDAG. Tomorrow is Wednesday
Jag läser svenska på TORSDAG. I study Swedish on Thursday.
Jag jobbar inte på FREDAG. I don’t work on Friday.
Min favoritdag är LÖRDAG. My favorite day is Saturday
Jag spelar amerikansk fotboll på SÖNDAG. I play American football on Sunday.

Below, for practice, you will find just a few questions. Be sure to answer them using the different days of the week and leave your answers in the comments below.

  1. Vilka dagar jobbar du?
  2. Vilka dagar läser du svenska?
  3. Vad är det för dag idag?
  4. Vad var det för dag igår?
  5. Vilken dag är din favorit?

Lycka till!

*Thanks to Bengan, who left a comment below. The initial post did not do a good job at all of differentiating between helgen and helgdagar and I definitely apologize for that! And thanks to Gustav for catching my typos. Clearly my fat fumbly fingers were not up to typing the other day (found some typos in English as well. Oops!).

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  1. Bengan:

    Actually, helgdag means holiday (helg has the same origin as holy, even). Saturday, despite being “på helgen”, is not “en helgdag”.

  2. Gretchen F:

    Jag jobbar onsdag.
    Jag läser svenska på vardagar.
    Idag är onsdag.
    Igår var tisdag.
    Min favorit dag är torsdag.

  3. Gustav:

    Favoritdag is correct
    Favorit dag is incorrect

    Spelar is correct
    Speler is incorrect

  4. Sanem:

    What is the difference between Vilka and Vilken?

  5. Marcus Cederström:

    Good catches here; thanks, everyone!