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The sensitive subject (which isn’t so sensitive in Sweden) Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Culture, Living in Sweden, Swedish Language

Talking about pee and poo is seen in many countries as unacceptable, which is understandable. But taking it back to it’s most natural form, it shouldn’t be that funny or even something to be made a big deal out of. However it has sort of become a sensitive subject in a lot of countries. That is why many people who come in contact with Swedish culture, in or outside of Sweden and Swedish might have noticed that even this is quite a freely spoken subject.

As most parents know there usually comes a “pee and poo age” when children are still quite little, anything containing the word “poo” becomes immediately funny and giggles are hard to suppress.

Growing up in Sweden you learn these words naturally, and might never be put in the situation of having to ask what any of these words mean. However, as a foreigner learning the language how can you be expected to know the meaning of these words? Thats why I have gathered the absolutely most common ones (I have left the slightly more vulgar ones out). For any of you who perhaps have children in Sweden and they speak Swedish to you or in front of you you will probably get to hear such words too.

Not only children have a fascination with this type of humor. Quite a few adults also get laughs out of joking about farts etc. so it is not only around children you will come across them. In Sweden it is quite freely spoken about, used in songs, on comedy programs and film, basically anywhere you go you will come across them.

If you have heard and are wondering about the meaning or usage of a word which isn’t written in the table below don’t hesitate in asking, the chances are high that many other people have also heard it and are wondering what it means but don’t dare ask. I can then add them to the table so everybody can learn from it.


 Svenska English Comments
Kissnödig Have to have a pee
Bajsnödig Have to have a poo
Kissig Have to have a pee
Prutt fart There is a Swedish word called “pruta” which means to haggle. You pronounce the “u” as a long sound instead of the short word for fart
Fis fart
Fjärt fart
pillesnopp willy
Snopp willy
mus vagina
pung willy
Lort A poop
skit A poop
Bajskorv A poop
baja poo
bajamaja This is a special kind of toilet which is more environmentally friendly
Kiss och bajs åldern Pee and poo age In Sweden and Swedish there is a term for when children reach the age where they use a lot of “poo” words and think such jokes are very funny.
Kis och bajs humor Pee and poo humor
rumpa bum
bajsbrun Poo brown
Håller på att kissa på mig About to pee my pants
Håller på att bajsa på mig About to poo my pants
Håller på att bajsa ner mig About to poo my pants
Släppa sig To let a fart rip


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  1. Tess:

    I thought that pung = scrotum? Does it have multiple meanings?

  2. Woodge:

    When my 7-year-old learned “bajskorv” she went around saying “poop-sausage” for months afterward. Good times.

  3. Harriett Ouellete:

    What’s new in it?

  4. Anna:


  5. LyxM:

    Pung is the scrotum, not penis.
    Bajamaja is those blue toilets often found at bigger (outdoor) events. Don’t think they are environment friendly as they use chemicals.