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Anna Lamberg – Larvatus Prodeo Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in Culture

The new exhibition of Anna Lamberg focuses on masks and personalities we use in different social situation in everyday life. But what happens when the masks fall? Like after death? Secrets that can´t be answered; you left to withness the empty peel, coat or shell of a personality. Find out more on the artists website about past, ongoing and coming events. Let her take you beyond your ken understanding the unknown that many of us are afraid of.

  • 1. First It must be marked and not marked at the same time: it must be marked that I do not want to show it – that is the message I address to the other. Larvatus Prodeo, I step back and pointing at my mask. I hide my passion under a mask, but discrete (and slyly) I point at the mask. All the passion reaches ultimately its viewer: there is no victim of love without final exposure – the character will always prevail.


  • 2. The voice of the other that tears me apart by being forced to die, as if it was only for the moment and could never be anything but a memory ..


  • 3. Language is the skin: I underline my language towards the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or words in the fingertips. My language trembles with desire. The excitement is derived from a double contact: on one hand, there is a great activity in speech discreetly and indirectly reveals a unique meaning, “I feel lust for you”, and that releases, feeds, branches and blows this very meaning (the language enjoys touching itself) – on the other hand it sweeps me into the other through my words, I caress him, I lightly touche him


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