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Domkyrkan in Uppsala Posted by on Dec 6, 2010 in Culture

All the famous European cities have some form of domkyrka, or cathedral, including the relatively small but greatly historical city of Uppsala, located at our favorite Scandinavian destination: Sweden! While I was still living in Uppsala in February of this year, I decided to film a bit of domkyrkan there. The original idea was to put together a video to show my friends and relatives different parts of Uppsala, but it didn’t end up going too far in the long run. If I had planned to make a professional-looking video out of it, I would ensure better videography, but alas, that was not my original intention.

Since it’s Monday, I figured you guys wouldn’t feel like studying very much after either a long, typical Monday at work or such a day at school (where you can never escape studying!), so I decided to keep this video more simple and tourist-oriented rather than linguist-oriented. But don’t worry, my next video will be better for you budding Swedish-speakers, I promise! 😉

I’m planning on posting another video later this month, and for real this time! My schedule has been so full of school- and family-related events lately (such as Thanksgiving and its aftermath, living in the United States!) that I didn’t even manage to post a single video last month. So this month I’m posting two. (Hopefully this will become a habit! 😉 )

I hope you all enjoy the video, just a little something for you history-aspirers to take a glance inside (and outside) a classic European cathedral. If you’d like to learn more about Uppsala domkyrka, either visit its homepage here (there’s an ‘In English’ link at the top in case the page comes up in Swedish and you can’t understand it) or book your next vacation for Uppsala!

Have a great week, everyone!

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About the Author: Stephen Maconi

Stephen Maconi has been writing for the Transparent Swedish Blog since 2010. Wielding a Bachelor's Degree in Swedish and Nordic Linguistics from Uppsala University in Sweden, Stephen is an expert on Swedish language and culture.


  1. John Cupak:

    Very nice tour. Interesting to see the tombs and artwork. Very historical. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sina:


    How could I download this video?


  3. John Anderson:

    I have some photos of Växjö Domkyrkan that I would love to share. Is there a place I can post them? Also, I have some photos of the old church in Rydaholm from when I was there in 2006.