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Knarrholmen 20-21 May Posted by on May 3, 2011 in Culture

On the 20-21 May there will be a tiny festival on Knarrholmen island in the Gothenburgian Archipelago. It takes only 12 minutes by local boat to the island. People can live in small cottages or in their own private tents. I am doing the tent this year and let me tell you it was surley 10 years ago when I did it last time. I am quite excited about that. In Swedish I would say it´s a kind of  “skräckblandad förtjusning” which means a feeling of horror mixed delight. I don´t know if you guys are festival people but I have booked three festivals this year. A few of the most popular festivals where Swedes go to are: WOW (Way out West), Arvika, Roskilde (Danmark). The SEMF Stockholms Early Music Festival is also very promising this year. I would really like to go to the Lowlands in the Netherlands some day. I have heard it is an amazing festival. Is anyone going on a Swedish festival or any other festival this summer?


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  1. Elena:

    Yep! Going to Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg for the second time, this June. It’s kind of heaven for hard rockers like me! 🙂

  2. Andrew:

    A whole bunch of us are meeting up with our gbg mates for WOW in August. Hello Kanye and Robyn!

  3. Kenia:

    Göteborg och Karlskoga blir det för mig förhoppningsvis!

  4. Kenia:

    Göteborg och Karlskoga blir det för mig förhoppningsvis!

  5. Tibor:

    That´s sounds really awesome you guys.
    @Kenia..how was your trip to Gothenburg?.I forgot to ask.

  6. Pawel:

    Well this year it will be a bit less festivals for me. Planned and booked: MetalTown and Przystanek Woodskock (PL) (page: http://wosp.org.pl/woodstock/ktozagra – sorry I haven’t found english version)

    Last year I had great festival summer: Copenhagen Live (DK), MetalTown (SE), Przystanek Woodstock (PL) and Sziget (HU).

    @Elena: keep on rockin’ 🙂 this year it was not possible for me to go to Sweden Rock maybe next year 🙂

  7. Tibor:


    I think I am going to Sziget this year as well. I was there last year too. Great as always.

  8. Kenia:

    @Tibor – Just I like suspected I really liked Gothenburg, despite of the weather having been pretty bad. It is a very beautiful city with a great and active city life which I love and kind of miss. I’m going back there on july again to a concert of Roxette and then I plan to have more time to see other things and of course, go to Liseberg!