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Following WWII almost the whole chemical arsenal of Germany was dumped into the Baltic Sea. After the World War dumping industrial waste into the sea was a good and environmental idea in all countries around the Baltic Sea. (So sorry but can´t see it how on Earth our politicians and experts could think that back then.) In 2006 3500 tons of mercury was found in barrels in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Sweden. And that enormous amount is just one of the many other cases when stupid people have caused trouble. So much more industrial detritus is lying around in the Baltic Sea. The mercury must have been dumped by a factory near Sundsvall in the late 50s or early 60s.

Think twice next time you throw your cigarettes, cans etc away. It can´t be that hard to find a waist bin even if you are tipsy. The situation is so bad today that we are urged to eat fish only few times a year from the Baltic Sea and the fishing of cod is strictly limited in different areas in different times (that is mainly because of the low amount of cod in the Baltic Sea).

The latest news I read a couple of days ago was at www.fiskeverket.se which is the Board of Fisheries in Sweden. In one of the articles they recommend for people who live around Vättern not to eat fish from the lake more than 2-3 times a year because the level of quicksilver is higher than normal in the fishes. The water is still drinkable since quicksilver absolves in small organic particles like plankton or plants that fish eat. It is easy Mathematics to do where it goes from the fish. The study shows that the risk group is women in earlier fertile age.

WWF Sweden has made this commercial to make people aware of the fact that each and every one of us has to be responsible for the environment we live in. (For example you don´t have to use fabric softener at all because it is really bad for the sea water, however there are some products nowadays that are environment friendly…still skeptic) That is why possibilities for recycling should be developed and available in every area. We have to find alternative solutions. We doesn´t necessarily have to cut out some things but we all have to agree on that dumping waste into the sea is a careless and stupid way to handle it. If you live around the Baltic Sea please do not hesitate to share your opinion on this topic or if you have heard about any scandalous environmental issue in your country that would affect us all in the area.

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  1. Darcy Parks:

    Interesting topic, but I find it hard to read in one long paragraph. Could you break it up a bit?

  2. Tibor:

    Hi darcy!

    You got me I was in a hurry hehe!

  3. Judy:

    What a great commercial! I had no idea how badly polluted the Baltic is. I thought Swedes were always so concerned about environmental issues. After all, isn’t that why it took so long to build the Öresund bridge? When I was an exchange student in Sweden in ’79 they were arguing about the environmental impact that building a bridge would have. It was finally completed in 2000 (21 years later). Has Sweden launched an effort to clean up the Baltic? Is there any cooperation from the other Baltic countries?
    I think this is a great topic! Thanks for posting it on the blog!

  4. Tibor:

    Dear Judy,

    Things like that is always a slap in the face. However Sweden is very concerned about environmental issues, but for the sake of the Baltic Sea and what we eat we should do the work together. What is good that we can freely talk about these problems in Sweden and take serious actions nowadays. But there is a lot to clean up. Some countries has less money in the area, especially now. Sweden and Finland are already taking a bigger part of the financing, but educating people is the most important, to make them aware of the fact that we are ruining for ourselves.

  5. Daniël:

    Well, this commercial is right to the point. But I don’t think we should focus on the consumers only, because the they are not the biggest polluters. The corporations are. As a consumer you can’t always choose an eco-friendly product.