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Proposed Gállok mine threatens Sámi Posted by on Feb 10, 2022

Sámi folkets dag or Sámi People’s/National Day is celebrated each year on February 6. Typically a celebration of culture and traditional ways, in recent years it’s also become a time for people to connect via political activism. This year, conversations revolved around the impact of the proposed iron ore mine in the Gállok area within…

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Konstigt? Posted by on Jul 26, 2010

Following WWII almost the whole chemical arsenal of Germany was dumped into the Baltic Sea. After the World War dumping industrial waste into the sea was a good and environmental idea in all countries around the Baltic Sea. (So sorry but can´t see it how on Earth our politicians and experts could think that back…

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Plastproblemet är löst Posted by on Nov 20, 2008

As I’m sure you know, Sweden is big on recycling and being environmentally friendly. And I happen to like that. We recycle our plastic bottles and aluminum cans and get money back (pant) at the store. Those plastic bottles and cans that can’t be returned for pant go into normal recycling bins. And we have…

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