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Useful and cool Swedish words part 2 Posted by on May 29, 2017 in Vocabulary

Last year in 2015 there were approximately 13000 new Swedish words that were registered by SAOL (Svenska Akademins Ordlista) and around 9000 words disappeared from the list. This kind of increase hasn’t happened since the 1950s, wrote Johan Lindquist Göteborgs Posten 2015. See the article here in Swedish: link

In this blog post I have collected a good selection of new and useful slang words and words that are very common and popular nowadays. They can be quite unique and sometimes you need some more information on Swedish culture to understand them.

Vejpar: Smoking electronic cigarette

Mallis: Mallorca

Medis: Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm

Limmar: To be interested of someone in order to pick them up at a club. “Stick like a glue”

Klockantremannen: A drunk guy who says you are cute before the club closes.

Räv/A-lagare: An alcoholist.

Vuxenpoäng: Buying you first apartment, get your first job do/buy something that is very much connected to a responsible adult life.

Champagnevänster: Someone who votes left but living an expensive life and like expensive stuff. Like being a Social Democrat but wearing Gucci bag or drinking champagne instead of cheap beer.

En badkruka: A person who doesn’t love swimming or being in the water during the summer.

Gällivarehäng: When your trousers are hanging and you might show a part of your ass.

Hoppjerka: A person who changes job frequently in order to get higher salary each time.

Plugghäst: A person who studies all the time.

Lokalprofil: A person who is typical in a certain living area.

Arbetsnarkoman: A person who works all the time. A workaholic in English.




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