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Sexy Swedish Men Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Culture, Current Events

Just a few days ago, Sweden took home one of the most coveted awards in all of tourism. World’s most attractive men! Ok, so maybe it doesn’t rank up there with a Nobel Prize (a Swedish honor of course), but it did make headlines. And for some, maybe it gave them another reason to learn Swedish.

Sweden has long been known for its stereotypically beautiful women. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, these women created a sort of Nordic ideal. But as Alexander Skarsgård fans know, it’s not just the women who are attractive.

The article by Travelers Digest is no exception, playing on some of the Swedish stereotypes while claiming that Stockholm, Sweden is home to the most attractive men in the world. In fact the paragraph confronts those stereotypes head on and lists them off: cold, distant, attractive, tall. Of course, interestingly enough, the deeper analysis of such a stereotype reveals even more stereotypes. These of course are overwhelmingly positive. Did you know that all Stockholmers (males at least) are “impeccably-dressed?” Or that they love fine dining? Or that they are elegant and devoted lovers? Wandering the streets of Stockholm, it’s hard not to notice that some of these stereotypes may actually hold a shard of truth. I feel woefully underdressed just about every time I walk out my door for a night out in Stockholm for example. But you’ll find plenty of Stockholmers indulging in less-than-fine dining. Sweden’s very own burger chain, Max Burger, comes to mind.

But I suppose that’s kind of the point. No one wants to focus on the negative stereotypes if all you’re looking for is aesthetics. And that’s probably one of the reasons that stereotypes are so fascinating. It’s something we’ve written about quite a few times here at Transparent Language. In fact, if you want to delve a bit deeper, check out Swedish Stereotypes and Swedish Stereotypes. Again.

When you think of the stereotypical Swedish male, is this what you think of? A tall, good-looking man who loves good food and good clothes? Or do you think of the big, rugged, Viking-like man who is more concerned with beer? Or do you find yourself falling somewhere in between taking a more nuanced approach to generalizing an entire population?

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About the Author:Marcus Cederström

Marcus Cederström has been writing for the Transparent Swedish Blog since 2009. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Oregon, a Master's Degree in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a PhD in Scandinavian Studies and Folklore from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He has taught Swedish for several years and still spells things wrong. So, if you see something, say something.


  1. Genevieve:

    My Swede is not the tall, slender, well-dressed stereotype…but then again, he’s half Scottish-Ukrainian. He does have the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen and handsome, strong, viking-build! 😀

  2. MichiganLady:

    All the most Swedish-looking guys I’ve ever known I’ve been related to. :0 It would be weird in Sweden, summing up potential “mates”.

  3. Ekat:

    I’ll take Bill Skarsgård over his brother(s) any day…

  4. SydneyGF:

    My Swede is handsom, tall, blond, blue eyed who loves good food and his beer. Fits the stereo type quite well.

  5. Natasza:

    I used to “have” a Swede that was seriously, unbelievably ugly. At least he dressed neatly.

  6. Olga:

    My Swedish boyfriend is tall, blue eyed and strong :). I adore him a lot. I think Swedish men are the sexiest men.

  7. Marcus Cederström:

    Fun comments, everyone!

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