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Still no government in Sweden Posted by on Nov 12, 2018 in Politics, Swedish Language

The 25 September voted most of the Swedish parliament (Riksdagen) against Stefan Löfvén the sitting prime minister (statsminister) from the Socialdemocratic party. The most recent elections was held on 9/9 where the turn out was very close between the right and the left block:

Alliance coalition between: (Moderate Party, Liberals, Center, Christian Democrats) 40,2 %
Red-green coalition between: (Social Democrats, The Green Party, The Left Party) 40,7 %
Swedish Democrats 17,5 %

Source: Valmyndigheten

Since no coalitions (koalition) want to work together with the Swedish Democrats. There has been different suggestions/guesses for a possible new Swedish government because the results are so close. It is the speaker’s (talman) roll to suggest the parties building a new government. The Alliance has also failed to build a government in this constellation and now the Moderate Party could try to form a minority government but the Swedish Democrats will probably not support that idea either. The Social Democrats has been trying to flirt with the Liberals and The Center Party but without any success so far. If the speaker is unable to help with the process a new election should be held in three months.

Was it hard to understand this? I give you an easier explanation with the help of J-Å Lindstedt.

“Stefan wants to talk to Jan and Annie who don’t want to talk to Stefan. Jimmie wants to talk to Ulf, but he only wants to talk to Ebba, Jan and Annie. Nobody wants to talk to Jimmie or Jonas, but Stefan could be friend with Jonas but then he won’t be able to talk to Jan and Annie because they don’t want to talk to Jonas. If Ulf and Ebba would talk to Jimmie then Jan and Annie would stop talking to Ulf and Ebba and then they would start talking to Stefan, but only of course if he stops talking to Jonas. The kindergarten teacher (dagisfröken) and the parents (föräldrarna) are totally desperate and don’t know how the children should friends again.”

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