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Swedish Astrology Posted by on Oct 12, 2010 in Grammar, Swedish Language


To improve your Swedish you need to be creative if you don´t have books available where you live. But you have internet nowadays almost everywhere. Finding good resources are essential when it comes to your language learning. It doesn´t have to be complicated at all. Adjectives, adverbs and idiomatic expressions are one of the hardest parts of the language learning, but they are extremely useful so you can color your Swedish in everyday use. Astrological texts are fun and full of useful and descriptive adjectives. As I am a Capricorn I have tried to figure it out what descriptive adjectives are the most common for me.  I have to admit that I don´t believe in astrology but it was fun looking it up.  

As a Capricorn  you can be:  ambitious (ambitös), purposeful (målmedveten),  efficient (effektiv), organized (organiserad), smiling (leende) responsible (ansvarsfull), disciplined (disciplinerad), focuses (fokuserad), independent (självständig), realistic (realistisk),  restrained (återhållsam), dispassionate (lidelsefri), objektive/impartial (saklig), mature (mogen), wise (klok), prestigious (prestigefylld),  hierarchich(al) (hierarkisk), scheduled (schemabunden), pessimistic (pessimistisk), melancholy (melankolisk), mistrustful ( misstrogen), cynical (cynisk), cold (känslokall), stiff (stel), dull (torr), stingy/dutch (snål), inhibited (hämmad), old-fashioned (gammalmodig).   

Star signs in Swedish  

Vattumannen – Aquarius, Pisces – Fiskarna, Väduren – Aries, Oxen -Taurus, Kräftan – Cancer, Lejonet – Leo, Jungfrun – Virgo, Vågen – Libra, Skorpionen – Scorpion, Skytten – Sagittarius, Stenbocken – Capricorn *note that they are in definite form.    

What is your star sign and what are the four most descriptive adjectives of your star sign in Swedish? Write two positive and two negative characteristics about yourself in Swedish. I have highlighted four about myself as well. What I consider myself to be.

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