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Swedish dating Posted by on Dec 8, 2010 in Culture

According to the latest study, 30% of Swedish singles choose to net-date, which is more than a quadrupling since 2000.  It is most popular for the age group 30-49 years old.

Net-dating has become the most popular way to find love.   Ten years ago only 7% of singles dated in this way.  Many admit that it is easier to meet people with similar interests on the net, where there are so many more people to choose from.   It is somehow easier to make contact thisway than at work or in a pub or bar.

Where do net-daters have their first date?  Well, 55% prefer to meet for a ‘fika’ in a café, whereas 25% would rather go out to dinner together for the first date and 16% go for a walk together at their first live meeting.  Doing a sport together or going to the movies on a first date is out of the question.

Who should pay for the date?  Although we are in Sweden, the land of equal rights among the sexes, the majority of people still feel that the man should pay for the first date (49%).  Nearly as many (48%)are of the opinion that going dutch (each paying for him/herself) is the best way to work this out on the first date.

Sex on the first date?  Well, depending on which area of Sweden you are talking about,  between 27 and 50% of Swedes think that it is perfectly acceptable to have sex on the first date.

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  1. Laurent:

    Hi, do you have a web link to the source of the study ?


  2. Andreas .V:

    @ Laurent

    I have tried to find the study myself but the company itself (sfio) does not list it on it’s website as far as I can tell.

    In case you just wanted any ol’article: http://goo.gl/4nu2W

  3. Robert Oberg:

    Hej och god afton från Kanada
    Jag scriver bara lite svenka så jag mäste nu scriver på Engliska

    I am looking to buy 2 Swedish calendars for 2011. I have bought calendars from Guller Trading Ab in the past but after several emails I have not heard from them. I am looking for a wall calendar from Göteborg and a Swedish reminder calendar. Näste Juni jag åka till Sverige (Göteborg) speller i varlden transplant spelar.

    Can you assist me.

    Tack så mycket

    Robert Oberg

  4. Kendrick Mcroberts:

    Excellent article. Thanks for sharing!!