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New Year’s Resolutions with Sarah Dawn Finer Posted by on Jan 7, 2022

Hej från 2022! Exciting things are in store for you, Swedish blog fans. Not only is this the first post of the new year, it’s also music-themed. January in Minnesota is a lot like it is in Sweden. It’s a quiet, reflective time – it’s cold, it’s dark, and we’re all slowly recovering from the…

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Hotel Amigo by Thomas Stenström with First Aid Kit Posted by on Nov 5, 2021

We’re in Arizona, at the Spread Eagle Bar. Our company is no other than the Swedish musicians Thomas Stenström and First Aid Kit. They’ve invited us to share in a moment from their latest song, “Hotel Amigo”. It may seem strange that these artists with Nordic roots are taking us down the Americana route, but…

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Melancholy via Melissa Horn on the Musikblogg Posted by on Sep 3, 2021

The cool breeze from Lake Superior tells me that autumn isn’t far away. After a stressful week, these chilly evenings just make me want to be mysig (cozy). And if you know me, music is central to my type of mys. Melissa Horn is a Swedish artist I play when I want to slow down…

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7 Swedish Summer Tunes Posted by on Jun 4, 2021

Sveriges nationaldag (Sweden’s National Day) is this weekend.  A sea of blue and yellow flags, and a chorus of Du gamla, du fria will ring out on June 6, live from the National Day celebration in Stockholm. But for me, nationaldagen is my cue that summer is in full swing. There’s something about the first…

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Discover Laleh’s “Sand överallt” on the Musikblogg Posted by on Jan 8, 2021

You’ve made it to the first Swedish blog post of the new year – grattis! 🥳 If you’re a new subscriber, välkommen! If you’re a weekly reader, hej och tack for your readership each week! My first post of each month always has a connection to music. Music is one of my absolute favorite language…

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Saying hej då to Summer with Moonica Mac Posted by on Sep 4, 2020

Photo: Moonica Mac, Scandinavian Standard

Although I regret to say it, summer is on its way out. Luckily, one of Sweden’s most enchanting singer/songwriters is here to help us say hej då. “Till slutet av augusti” by Moonica Mac is the focus for this month’s musikblogg post. I’ll provide a quick intro to the artist, teach you some verbs from…

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Musikblogg – Everything is Easier in the Summer Posted by on Aug 7, 2020

Photo: Sony Music Sweden. "Allt e lättare på sommarn."

“Everything is easier in the summer.” That’s not just a sentiment that many cold culture folks feel this time of year, it’s also the name of the song that I’d like to highlight for this post. “Allt e lättare på sommaren” was co-written by two standouts in the Swedish music scene – Ana Diaz and…

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