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There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes Posted by on Jan 13, 2010 in Culture

How do you manage to dress well in minus 30 degrees (grader)? Well, you have to be creative, innovative and smart about it. That is for sure. The Swedish fashion (mode) scene has been very different, edgy for over two decades and it is basically about construction and clever details in every season. It is about exploring new ideas and identities. H&M, Tiger of Sweden, Acne Jeans, Cheap Monday Jeans, Nudie Jeans, Karin Wester, Filippa K, Our Legacy, J.Lindeberg, Whyred, Hope, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Vagabond or House of Dagmar. Just to mention a few of the most popular trademarks (varumärken). For example Vagabond has been on the market since the 60s and an other oldy is the brand Melka. Really fine shirts for men. Especially the old ones from the 50s. You can find them at second hand stores and sometimes you can even find a younger revival version of these shirts from the 90s. Their clothes are more for businessmen these days.


 House of Dagmar Spring/summer 2010 collection

People have different style (stil) and nowadays we have plenty of choices to express ourselves through fashion statements. In my experience it is still harder for us guys to dress well or creative compared to girls, but Sweden is a great place for both quality shopping and second hand. Or why not combine the two? Recycling (återvinning) seems to be a keyword today. And you can save a lot of money by buying second hand clothes. The quality of second hand items are of high standard in Sweden. But let me come back to you about second hand shopping in another blog later on.

Right now there is a Swedish Fashion Exhibition in Tokyo. The exhibition is organized by The Swedish Institute and was opened by Viktoria the Crown Princess of Sweden last year and since then it has been travelling around the world. The exhibiton aims to showcase 13 Swedish Fashion designers like Ann-Sofie Back, Martin Bergström, Rickard Lindqvist, Sandra Backlund and many more.  


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  1. Chris:

    I’ve been reading this blog for long time and I have to say that its almost like a teaser for me. I have been wanting to go to sweden and visit the whole country for about 2 year snow but being a poor college student that isn’t really an option. I hope to get over there soon and visit friends in Kiruna. You can’t get any farther north then that 😛

  2. kriszti:

    Great post Tib, compiments!
    And of course compliments to the stylists/designers as well, really nice and original artworks.
    Kisses from Italy, Kriszti

    ps. but be honest..do the beautiful swedish girls really wear those fancy miniskirts in that freezy cold climate?

  3. stefan:

    I personally love the genuine vintage melka-shirts, but since they´re so very often made in synthetic materials that gives me rashes I prefer their new “old vintage looking” shirts instead.

  4. tibor:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the comment! It´s is so great that you have been with us for such a long time. And yeah come and visit Sweden because this blog is only the tip of the iceberg.

  5. tibor:

    Hi Kriszti!

    I guess you should ask the girls about this very particular thing, but they always manage it, I guess. There are a lot of ways to dress warm but still stylish and edgy.

  6. cheap clothing:

    Fashionable winter clothes are hard to find but let’s be honest: we’re usually stepping down from the heated car directly to our heated home or office so casual clothing will do almost every time.

  7. Business Blog:

    I agree. We can’t put everything on the bad weather. If you are not wearing what you feel lke then your day would obviously be much doomed.