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To survive the Swedish autumn and winter Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

When you move to Sweden from another country you might find the Swedish autumn very cosy during the first years, especially when it is good weather. It is not really the dark or the cold that it’s hard to deal with- because as people say over here: Det finns inget dåligt väder bara dåliga kläder (There is no bad weather only bad clothes). The worst thing is undoubtably the wind and the constant rain during the autumn especially in Scania and Western Sweden, because as early as October snow may come in the northern parts of Sweden. Some people find the snow uplifting and many people think it lights up the otherwise boring and grey landscape. Me personally could do without the snow in the city and if I would feel an urge to go skiing then I could always travel to a skiing resort like Sälen or Åre.


Many people say that winter is going to be really cold this year. Well, this autumn has been quite warm and without snow so far in Southern and Western Sweden at least which makes winter shorter. And that is all I care about right now. LOL How many days of snow and minus degrees do I have to put up with before I can be out more than an hour without freezing to death? Because the wind goes into your bones. So warm and layer on layer clothing is crucial. I want to highlight that for all new-Swedes. Don’t save money on warm clothes. You will regret it. (Sockor, långkalsonger, dunjackor, halsdukar, vantar, skor med päls and of course broddar). Broddar even if you look old in that! You might prevent your next fall!

Do share your survival tricks during autumn and winter time with us!

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