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Win a Swedish book! Posted by on Jan 27, 2011 in The Swedish blog team

Inspired by Tibor’s book-post from yesterday, I figured it is definitely time for another book competition! This time, the fabulous price is the most popular and bestselling book in Sweden at the moment, Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann. (Something along the lines of: The hundred year old man who walked out through the window and disappeared). It’s an amazing Forrest Gump-like adventure about 100 year old Allan Karlsson, who decides to escape from his own birthday party and with 50 kronor in his pocket and slippers on his feet, he begins an amazing journey…

I have just read this book myself and boy what a story! I highly recommend it and I’m more than happy to send it anywhere in the world, it deserves to travel! So, in order to get your hands on this little diamond, all you need to do is to leave a comment along with your email address (for my eyes only) in the comment field. I will pick and announce a winner on the 11th of February. The jury consists of me and me only and you might be able to bribe me with sweet talk, fun blog post suggestions, your Swedish stories, book recommendations…  Good luck and happy reading always!

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  1. Carla:

    I would love to have it. I am learning Swedish, and currently I feel like I am catching onto reading faster than speaking/hearing, but I guess that is a start 🙂 My Särbo is in Sweden…so I find that I am doing all I can from here to make my learning easier. Immersion! Either way, it was great to hear about this one…I’m sure it’ll be a great read for whoever you choose 🙂

  2. Yu:

    Hej! I’m from Taiwan, it’s very hard to find books in swedish here. Not long ago, I found many swedish books on IKEA’s displays I was so surprised! Though I just could recognize some very simple and common swedish words, I still loved to pick a book from a shelf and read some sentences. I’m interested in swedish culture and language and really hope I could own at least a swedish book one day!
    Thank you for recommending this book! Tack så mycket! 🙂

  3. Ryan:

    I’ve been putting together a blog with language-learning resources in English, German, Spanish, and Swedish. I just wanted to see if I could mention your site.

    Also, I’d love the book, although I know there are some other great comments with good reasons to get it, too!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Daniël:

    It may be best to pick someone who has posted close to a horizontal line.



  5. Pelle:

    I read this book. The stories are hilarious and the historical “facts” a reminder of what has been going on in the world. Is the book in english yet? I would love for my friends to read it!

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