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Summer Olympics in Thai Posted by on Aug 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Every four years, the eyes of the world are on the Summer Olympics (โอลิมปิกฤดูร้อน oh-lim-bpìk réu-doo rón). This year, the games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (บราซิล braa-sin). The slogan for the 2016 Olympics is “A new world” (โลกใบใหม่ lôhk bai mài). Over 11,000 athletes representing 206 different nations are competing in the games this year. Everyone is talking about them all over the world, but you might have a little trouble doing so if you don’t know the lingo. Never fear, because we’re here to help!

Summer Olympic Sports in Thai

Maracana Stadium in Rio. Photo by Around the rings1992 from flickr.com.

Maracana Stadium in Rio. Photo by Around the rings1992 from flickr.com.

If you want to talk about the Olympics in Thai, you’ll need to know the Thai names for all of the events. Here they are, with transliterations where possible. (There’s no standardized form for the Romanization of Thai characters, but I personally use the Thai2English dictionary. It’s quite accurate and most words can be found on there.)

  • archery ยิงธนู

  • athletics กรีฑา gree-taa

  • badminton แบดมินตัน bàet-min-dtân

  • basketball บาสเกตบอล bâat-gèt-bon

  • boxing มวยสากล muay săa-gon

  • canoe แคนู

    • slalom สลาลม

    • sprint สปรินท์

  • cycling จักรยาน jàk-grà-yaan

    • road ประเภทถนน bprà-pâyt tà-nŏn

    • track ประเภทลู่ bprà-pâyt lôo

    • BMX บีเอ็มเอ็กซ์ bee em èk

    • mountain เสือภูเข sĕua poo kăy

  • diving กระโดดน้ำ grà dòht nám

  • equestrian ขี่ม้า kèe máa

  • fencing ฟันดาบ fan dàap

  • field hockey ฮอกกี้ hók-gêe

  • football  ฟุตบอล fút bon

  • golf กอล์ฟ góf

  • gymnastics ยิมนาสติก

  • handball แฮนด์บอล haen bon

  • judo ยูโด yoo-doh

  • modern pentathlon ปัญจกีฬาสมัยใหม่

  • rowing เรือพาย reua paai

  • rugby รักบี้ rák bêe

  • sailing เรือใบ reua bai

  • shooting ยิงปืน ying bpeun

  • swimming ว่ายน้ำ wâai náam

  • synchronized swimming ระบำใต้น้ำ rá-bam dtâi nám

  • table tennis เทเบิลเทนนิส tay-bern-ten-nít

  • taekwando เทควันโด tay-kwan-doh

  • tennis เทนนิส ten-nit

  • triathlon ไตรกีฬา dtrai gee-laa

  • volleyball วอลเลย์บอล won-lây bon

  • water polo โปโลน้ำ

  • weightlifting ยกน้ำหนัก yók náam nàk

  • wrestling มวยปล้ำ muay bplâm


2012 gold medals. Image by James Cridland from flickr.com.

2012 gold medals. Image by James Cridland from flickr.com.

Of course, all athletes dream of taking home a medal to their home country. Here’s the Thai names for the three medals that are up for grabs in each event:

  • gold medal เหรียญทอง rĭan tong

  • silver medal เหรียญเงิน rĭan ngern

  • bronze medal เหรียญทองแดง rĭan tong daeng

Thailand’s Team

Since their debut in the 1952 installment of the games, Thailand has sent a team to compete every time aside from 1980 in Moscow. Because of its partial support of the US-led-boycott, the team wasn’t invited that year. For the 2016 edition, Thailand sent 54 athletes competing in 13 different sports. The team has already won two golds, a silver, and a bronze, all in weightlifting. Check out a short news clip spotlighting the country’s first gold medal:

Enjoy the Olympic games, and best of luck to the Thai athletes as they go for the gold!

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