Languages People Use in Vietnam Posted by on Feb 15, 2021

You can easily guess the most common spoken and written language in Vietnam.  Yes, It is tiếng Việt or Việt Ngữ (Vietnamese)!  Tiếng Việt is both the national and official language of Vietnam.  It’s the majority language used to communicate by over 90 million Vietnamese in Vietnam, along with more than 4 million Vietnamese living…

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Bánh Chưng – A Traditional Lunar New Year Food Posted by on Feb 8, 2021

Bánh Chưng (square sticky rice cake) is the signature traditional food of Tết (Vietnamese NewYear). Without bánh Chưng,  Tết would lose its essence! This beloved food has long been a tradition, with a history that extends far back to the Hong Bang period thousands of years ago. According to legend, the 6th Vietnamese king of the Hong…

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Vietnamese Lunar New Year Customs Posted by on Feb 1, 2021

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! (Happy New Year) The most important, longest, and biggest festival in the year for the Vietnamese is Tết Nguyên Đán (Vietnamese Lunar New Year Celebration), also called Tết Âm Lịch, Tết Ta, Tết Việt Nam, or simply Tết, which lasts for at least a week to even a month long. For…

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Vietnamese Language Variations Posted by on Jan 25, 2021

Just like other countries in the world, the people of Vietnam mainly speak the same language, although people in each region use different dialects (thổ ngữ) with different phonology and vocabulary. There are three main dialects each with a variety of accents (giọng) in tiếng Việt (Vietnamese language): Tiếng/giọng Bắc (Northern dialect/acccent) Tiếng/giọng Trung (Central…

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Vietnamese Names Posted by on Jan 18, 2021

Hồng Liên - Hoa Sen Hồng (Pink Lotus)

If you were to meet a Vietnamese person and tried to guess their last name (họ), your chances would be pretty good. Because, the options are few compared to other nationalities. There’s a great chance that person’s họ is Nguyễn.  If not, perhaps Trần, Lê, or Phạm.  If that isn’t it, try Huỳnh, Hoàng, Phan…

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Greetings and Personal Pronouns in Vietnamese Posted by on Jan 14, 2021

It doesn’t matter what language you would like to acquire, one of the first subjects for a beginner to learn is how to greet and address people in their native language. To greet people in English, you can simply use one word like “hi” or “hello”, and add a name to address a specific person…

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