Happy Easter: Resurrection, Egg Hunting, and the Easter Bunny!

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Marhaba! As you know millions of Christians around the world are celebrating Easter today on Sunday April 20th. It is a Christian holiday and festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. Easter is preceded by Lent, which is a 40 day period of penance, fasting, and prayer. Easter is linked to the Jewish holiday and festival Passover by much of its symbolism and position in the calendar. In some languages, the words Easter and Passover are identical. Easter customs vary from one place to another. In most places of the world, Christians go to church at the break of dawn on the day of Easter and then decorate Easter eggs. Additional customs have emerged with Eastern season, such as egg hunting (which includes Christians and non-Christians), Easter parades, and various types of chocolate decorated by Easter bunnies.

easter 1
Given the many customs that have emerged with Easter, I have created an Arabic crossword puzzle reflecting on different words that you should learn to talk about this holiday and these associated activities in Arabic! Similar to previous crossword puzzles, this exercise allows you to have fun as you learn about different things related to the Easter holiday in Arabic. Please search vertically, horizontally and diagonally. I will post the answers to this crossword puzzle soon! Enjoy!!










easter puzzle 1


Stay tuned for the answers and upcoming posts.

We wish you all a very Happy Easter!!

easter 2

Have a nice day!!

نهاركم سعيد

Fish in the oven

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Do you like fish (السمك)? Today, I will tell you about a very easy way to cook fish!

This is an Egyptian recipe which is very nice and easy!


You need one clean gutted and descaled whole fish! You can also prepare it with fish fillets!


  1. Fish
  2. Chopped tomatoes
  3. Chopped onion
  4. Green coriander
  5. Garlic
  6. Cumin
  7. Lemon Juice
  8. Salt and black pepper
  9. Green/Chilli peppers (optional)
  10. Oil



  1. Descale and clean the fish then marinate it with crushed garlic, salt, cumin and lemon juice
  2. You need to leave it in the mix for at least one hour
  3. Chop the onion, tomatoes, coriander, garlic in a pan and add a little bit of water, oil, salt and pepper and cook it for a few minutes. (You can add chopped pepper or chopped chilli, or even chopped potatoes if you would like)
  4. In an oven tray, put the marinated fish and cover it with the mixture that is half cooked in the pan!
  5. Put it in the oven and cook it at 180 degrees.


With some types of fish that take a long time to cook, you can chop all the vegetables and add them to the raw fish in the tray and then cook them all together.


Egyptian style cookies

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Hello, today I give you the recipe of some cookies that I am baking today. We typically eat these in the feast (عيد الفطر) following the month of Ramadan, therefore we call them the feast cookies (كعك العيد).

These are very easy and quick to prepare, and they are absolutely nice!



1 cup of butter/ghee

½ cup of milk

2 ½ cups of flour

1 small spoon of baking powder

Vanilla or other flavouring



Warm the milk and dissolve the butter in it

Mix the flour with the baking powder

Add the milk and butter to it

Add the flavourings and mix together

These will make a nice soft dough


These cookies can be stuffed with nuts, Turkish delight, or a mixture of both. It can also be stuffed with dates or other fruits as required!

I break walnuts into small pieces and add a small piece of Turkish delight, then I put it in a  small ball of dough.

They do not take long in the oven. I bake them until golden! When they cool down, I cover them with sugar!

The following video shows how you can prepare it! Please note that it includes two ways, the first one is the one described in this post, but the video is interesting to watch anyway because it shows how you can decorate it and fill it!

YouTube Preview Image