Learn All European Countries and Territories in Arabic – Part 1

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Marhaba! Building on previous posts that discussed all 50 U.S. states, 17 Middle East countries, 15 South American countries and territories, and all African countries and territories in Arabic, today I want to teach you how to pronounce the name of every European country and territory in Arabic. I have translated and transliterated the country names so that you can use them when writing and/or speaking Arabic. As you know, Europe is a large continent with over 50 sovereign states and dependent territories. Today, I will provide you with the first part of these European countries and territories. In the coming weeks, I will provide you with rest. I will begin listing them alphabetically. If you are from Europe, please tell me where you from in the comments section (below this post) in the following format: ‘I am from …’ If you are not from Europe and want to visit one of these countries in the near future, post a comment following this format ‘I want to visit…’ Please provide your answers in Arabic. Let’s begin practicing. Here are two examples:

I am from Belarus.
أنا من روسيا البيضاء
Ana min Ru-si-ya al-Bay-da’

I want to visit Cyprus.
أريد أن أزور قبرص
U-rid an a-zur Qub-rus


Map of Europe  Image via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Map of Europe
Image via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

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Peas with Carrots

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This is a very common dish in Egypt. It is very easy to make and it is vegetarian, but you can have it with meat or chicken if you like.

Image from 3ayezakol.com

Image from 3ayezakol.com


1 chopped onion


Diced carrots

Tomato sauce




Image from ma7shy.com

Image from ma7shy.com


Fry the chopped onion in a little oil until golden in color

Add the diced carrots and stir

Add the peas and stir

Add the tomato sauce

Add salt and pepper as you like

Serve with rice or bread or without

You can add chopped potatoes or meat or chicken as you like.


بصلة مفرومة


جزر مكعبات

صلصة طماطم





يقلى البصل المفروم في قليل من الزيت حتى يصبح ذهبي اللون

تضاف مكعبات الجزر ويقلب

تضاف البازلاء ويقلب

تضاف صلصة الطماطم

يضاف الملح والفلفل بحسب الرغبة

يقدم الطبق مع الأرز أو الخبز أو بدون

يمكنك إضافة البطاطس أو اللحم أو الدجاج بحسب الرغبة.

The 15 Best Universities in Africa 2015/2016

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    Ahlan, Arabic lovers! In this post, I am going to share some good news from Africa. Earlier last month, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2015/2016 were revealed with a list of the best global universities. This is the only international university performance table to judge world class universities across all of their missions; teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook.

    Speaking of Africa, South Africa has had the lion’s share (with five universities represented) as it topped the ranking of the best universities in Africa thanks to its highly-cited research, its strong international outlook and its ability to attract large sums of money from industry. Egypt is the second most represented country in the table for Africa with three reputable institutions. Morocco comes third with two universities while Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda each has one institution in the ranking.

Africa Map by Radio Abidjan Album via Flicker

Africa Map by Radio Abidjan Album via Flicker

    The Times Higher Education Africa Universities Summit will discuss the topic of “globalization and policy directions for African Higher Education” and will also discuss whether both public and private institutions are essential to a strong university sector in the continent and consider what are the best ways to educate Africa’s youth.

  • Here is the full list of the top 15 Universities in Africa:


Institution Country
1 University of Cape Town South Africa
2 University of the Witwatersrand South Africa
3 Stellenbosch University South Africa
4 Makerere University Uganda
5 University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa
6 University of Pretoria South Africa
7 University of Ghana Ghana
8 University of Nairobi Kenya
9 Suez Canal University Egypt
10 Alexandria University Egypt
11 Cairo University Egypt
12 University of Marrakech Cadi Ayyad Morocco
13 University of South Africa South Africa
14 University of Ibadan Nigeria
15 Mohammad V University of Rabat Morocco


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