Word search, Eid Al Fitr

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Millions of Muslims around the world, me included, celebrate the feast today. It is called (عيد الفطر), and it marks the end of the month of Ramadan. Eid is celebrated in many different ways, including special food, e.g. (كعك العيد), buying new clothes (ملابس) for everyone, giving charity (صدقة) to the poor and needy, and giving presents (هدايا) and Eid money (عيدية) to the children. Some people like to go out on visits (زيارات) to family and friends; and others spend the day in parks (متنزهات). Everyone exchanges greetings (تهاني) and feel the joy (فرحة). In this post, I have prepared an Arabic word search game for you. Can you find the Arabic words above in the table? Please also find them as a list for ease of reference.

عيد الفطر

كعك العيد









 123Please come back soon for the answers.

3 Popular Ramadan Drinks

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Marhaba! As you have realized from earlier posts, friends, TV shows or newspapers, millions and millions of Muslims around the world are celebrating Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic Calendar. A bunch of religious traditions and activities take place every day for around 28-29 days. Muslims are required to fast between sunrise and sunset, and afterwards they can break fast with family and friends. If you have been to any Iftar (إفطار), you would immediately know that some type of beverage/drink, sometimes with a hefty doze of (yummy) dates (تمر), is consumed to break fast! Today I am sharing the recipes for 3 popular Ramadan drinks that my wife and I have tried with friends before Iftar. Also, keep in mind that these drinks can be consumed anytime of the year and they’re so refreshing!

The first recipe is for Ayran (عيران). This is really popular in any Arab country and beyond. You can either buy it from a store or simply just prepare it yourself. It is quite easy to do and in addition to water requires two main ingredients. Ayran is simply perfect with meat pies, great on a hot summer day and awesome for breaking fast.

Image by  Jarrod Trainque

Image by Jarrod Trainque


1 cup yogurt (preferably plain yogurt)- (لبن)

1 cup water, cold

1 clove garlic (crushed, if you like garlic)- (ثوم)

Pinch of salt to taste (ملح)

Method: Just mix the yogurt, water, and crushed garlic and place it in a fridge. It tastes really good once it’s chilled! My wife and I sometimes add dry mint (نعنع) or dry thyme (زعتر).

The second recipe is for Sharab El Remman (شراب الرمان), known in English as a Grenadine Drink. This is another popular drink around the world and does not require any fancy ingredients. I am certain you might have had variations of this drink mixed with different liquids. This is how I prepare this drink.

Image by SoniaT 360.

Image by SoniaT 360.


10-12 tablespoons of grenadine syrup عصير الرمان))

1 liter of 7 UP, or Canada Dry, or Mountain Dew, or any other sparkling water with lemon مياه غازية))

5 lemon slices, chopped in wedges (شرائح ليمون)

Crushed ice or as many ice cubes as you would like (مكعبات ثلج)

Method: Just mix all the ingredients in a huge pitcher and if you are serving it to friends, just add lemon wedges in each cup with ice cubes so that the drink remains chilled!

The third recipe is one of the most popular Ramadan drinks: Jallab! (جلاب) Yes I saved the best to the last!! This is most popular in the Levant, mainly in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. The drink is loved by millions around the world and is consumed throughout the year, and especially during Ramadan to break fast. This popular syrup is made from dates (yum), grape molasses (دبس العنب), rose water (ماء زهر), and carob (خروب). You can find this syrup in many countries around the world, specifically in neighborhoods that have Middle Eastern grocery stores.

Image by  Yousef Afaneh

Image by Yousef Afaneh


1.5 cups of Jallab syrup (عصير الجلاب)

6 cups of cold water

6 teaspoons of raw pine nuts (الصنوبر)

Crushed ice or as many ice cubes as you would like

Method: Just mix all the ingredients in a huge pitcher. This is how I prepare it, but some of my friends have offered me this drink with almonds and raisins. It will taste as good with these additional ingredients!

Hope you try one or all of these great recipes! As you can realize, they are all simple and really straightforward. You should be able to find all these ingredients no matter where you are reside. Enjoy!! To those celebrating the upcoming holiday, Eid Fitr Mubarak!!

Image by Magiceye

Image by Magiceye

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Have a nice day!

نهاركم سعيد

Reading comprehension. War in Gaza. Answers

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In this post, I present the answers of the reading comprehension exercise that deals with the latest developments in Gaza.

جهود مكثفة للتوصل إلى هدنة في غزة والقتلى يتجاوزون 830

تواصل الجهود الدبلوماسية من أجل وقف إطلاق النار بين إسرائيل وحركة حماس في الوقت الذي تجاوز فيه عدد ضحايا الغارات الإسرائيلية في غزة 800 قتيل.

ويتوقع أن يبحث مجلس وزاري إسرائيلي خطة يدعمها وزير الخارجية الأمريكي، جون كيري، تنص على هدنة لمدة سبعة أيام.

واستمرت الغارات الإسرائيلية على غزة ليلا، كما سقطت صواريخ على بلدات إسرائيلية صباح الجمعة.

وقال المتحدث باسم وزارة الصحة في غزة إن حصيلة القتلى جراء القصف الإسرائيلي الجمعة ارتفع إلى 31 بينما بلغ إجمالي ضحايا العملية العسكرية على غزة في يومها الثامن عشر 832 قتيلا و 5300 جريح معظمهم من المدنيين.

ومن بين القتلى 190 طفلا فلسطينيا و75 امرأة بحسب المتحدث الفلسطيني.

أما عن الخسائر البشرية للجانب الإسرائيلي فقد بلغت 35 كلهم من جنود الإسرائيلين عدا اثنين

تطورات أخرى

*مقتل فلسطينيين اثنين في غارة جوية استهدفت دراجة نارية شرقي خان يونس.

*مدير عام الإسعاف والطوارئ في الهلال الأحمر الفلسطيني يقول لبي بي سي إن غارة إسرائيلية استهدفت سيارة إسعاف شمال قطاع غزة ومقتل أحد أفراد طاقمها وإصابة إثنين آخرين.

إن القادة الفلسطينيين يعتقدون أنها بداية “انتفاضة الحرية والاستقلال“.

فقد خرج الآلاف في مسيرة من ضواحي رام الله باتجاه نقطة تفتيش قلندية، يهتفون بإنهاء الاحتلال الإسرائيلي.

Based on the information presented in the article, answer the following questions:

1- What is the aim of the intensive diplomatic efforts?

Diplomatic efforts aim to reach a  truce or cease fire between Israel and Hamas.

2- What is the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli raids?

832 Palestinians were killed by Israeli raids.

3- How many Palestinians were injured by Israeli raids?

5300 Palestinians were injured.

4- How many Palestinian children and women were killed?

190 Palestinian children and 75 Palestinian women were killed.

5- How many Israelis were killed, and how many civilians are among them?

35 Isrealis were killed; two of them are civilians.

6- Why were two Palestinians killed in Khan Yunis?

Two Palestinians killed in Khan Yunis as a result of a raid that targeted their motorbike.

7- What do Palestinian leaders call the latest events?

Palestinian leaders call it “the freedom and independence uprising”.

8- Where did thousands of Palestinians marched and what did they call for?

Thousands of Palestinians marched in Ramallah, and they called for the end of the Israeli occupation.

Useful Vocabulary:

جهود = efforts

مكثفة = intensive

هدنة = truce

القتلى = dead

يتجاوزون = exceed

وقف إطلاق النار =ceasefire

ضحايا = victims

غارات = raids

يتوقع = expect

خطة = plan

وزير الخارجية = foreign secretary

صواريخ = rockets

جراء = as a result of

القصف = bombing

إجمالي = total

العملية العسكرية = military operation

جريح = wounded

المدنيين = civilians

الخسائر = loss

جنود = soldiers

تطورات = developments

دراجة نارية = motorbike

انتفاضة = uprising

الحرية = freedom

الاستقلال = independence

مسيرة = march/procession

Adapted from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/arabic/middleeast/2014/07/140725_gaza_conflict_death.shtml