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The story of a poem Posted by on Oct 8, 2017

This post tells the story of a very famous poem by the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish,  called ‘To My Mother’ (إلى أمي). It was originally called an apology to my mother.   Mahmoud Darwish tells that he had 3 brothers and 3 sisters, and he was the middle son. When older siblings are given duties, he…

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Arabic Numbers 1—10: MSA vs. Dialects Posted by on Oct 5, 2017

Deemed as one of the most difficult languages to learn, some may wonder what makes Arabic so. Well, one aspect of difficulty is the variation between the standard formالفُصْحَى  (formal, educational form) and the dialectal, colloquial, conversational form العَامِّيَّة. As to numbers, as is the case with most variations, the difference is morpho-phonological. That is,…

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The theme of nature in Fairouz’s songs (1) Posted by on Oct 4, 2017

The first part of this blog post explores some of the nature-related words and phrases that appear in one of Fairouz’s most popular songs. We’re going to study one in this post (below: lyrics & video clip) and another in the next post. This one is in Lebanese colloquial Arabic. Fairouz is one of the…

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Run with Saudi Women in the Open Air! (2) Posted by on Sep 30, 2017

Marhaba! Last time I share with you a clip about a group of female runners in Saudi Arabia that have found benefits in running in open air in the streets of the cities. I hope you enjoy the post and learned new things about Saudi Arabia, Arab women, and the Arabic language. Today I provide…

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20 Common Verbs in Arabic with Examples Posted by on Sep 28, 2017

In a previous post, you learned how to make a basic verbal sentence*, a sentence that is essentially composed of فِعْل ‘a verb’ and فَاعِل ‘a subject’*, and whatever follows is called a complement. The complement can be مَفْعُول ‘an object’*, شِبْهُ جُمْلَة ‘a prepositional phrase’*, or حَال ‘an adverb’*. In this post, you will…

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