Japanese Kanji Lesson – Action Words

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This time on Kanji (漢字、かんじ)lesson, I would like to cover some action words (verb).  These are very simple Kanji’s to learn.  I believe for beginner learners, it will be perfect place to start. Also, new in this article, I have included the link where you can print the worksheet out. So for those who would like to practice writing each Kanji, you can print it out and practice writing as well. Let’s get started!


photo from Japanese-kanjisimbols on flickr.com

1. To See, to look – Miru (見る、みる)

Kanji for the verb “miru” is 見.

Example sentence: I look out the window. (Mado no soto o miru)


Click here for worksheet.

Click here for stroke order.

2. To stand – Tatsu (立つ、たつ)

Kanji for the verb “tatsu” is 立.

Example sentence: He is standing up on the chair. (Kare wa isuno ue ni tatte iru)

彼は、椅子の上に立っている。(かれは、いすのうえに たっている。)

Click here for worksheet.

Click here for stroke order.

3. To rest, to be absent – Yasumu (休む、やすむ)

Kanji for the verb “yasumu” is 休.

Example sentence: Ken is absent due to a cold. (Ken wa kazede yasumi desu)

けんは 風邪で休みです。(けんは かぜでやすみです。)

Click here for worksheet.

Click here for stroke order.

4. To enter, to pour – hairu (入る、はいる), ireru (入れる、いれる)

Kanji for the verb “hairu or ireru” is 入.

Example sentence: I put marbles into a bag. (Fukuroni bi-dama wo ireru)

袋にビー玉を入れる。(ふくろに ビー玉を入れる。)

Click here for worksheet.

Click here for stroke order.

5. To exit, to take out – deru (出る、でる), dasu (出す、だす)

Kanji for the verb “deru or dasu” is 出.

Example sentence: Please exit from the blue door. (Aoi doa kara dete kudasai)

青いドアから出てください。(あおい ドアからでてください。)

Click here for worksheet.

Click here for stroke order.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please leave me your comments in the comment section below. If you have any specific topic you would like me to cover, please let me know.

For basketball fans out there, watch Kuroko’s Basketball!

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Here is for the basketball fans (who are also wanting to study more Japanese) out there. Try watching Kurokono Baske (黒子のバスケ、くろこのばすけ) online to enjoy one of the most popular Japanese animations on basketball.


In the past, I have brought up the idea of watching Japanese news, movies, or animation, etc.. whatever you might enjoy watching and watching it over and over to get used to certain expressions. Well, if you like basketball, here is the one you can try. This animation series is based on the original manga (漫画、まんが). This story is about one of the high school basketball teams, trying to make their way up to national tournament.  I was surprised to see the wikipedia entry for this animation/manga. (If you are interested, here is the link.)

There were two seasons worth of episodes aired for this animation. The second one just ended not too long ago. The reason why I am suggesting to watch the episodes from Kurokono Basuke is because most of their episodes have English subtitles.

Here is the quick video on Kurokono Basuke. This video summarizes some good parts of the animation series.

YouTube Preview Image

If you liked the above, you can enjoy the animation series from one episode at a time by going to the link here.   I am not sure how long there links will be valid, so enjoy while you can if you like it. :)

Even if you don’t watch the entire episode or not too crazy about basketball, here is the funny one you can enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

They also have pretty good opening song to go with the anime. Here is the one for you to enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

Hope you will enjoy watching this anime( アニメ). I think this is a passive way of learning Japanese, but if you would like to relax one day but learn a bit of Japanese, enjoy these!

Folding a Japanese Crane with Origami

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Have you tried Japanese Origami (折り紙、おりがみ)? Origami is a traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD. Since then, it has been adapted as a modern art. Origami is very popular in Japan.  Many of the toddlers start folding Origami papers and start making simple art objects with it. There are some basic folding process involved in folding Origami, but it is pretty easy to master them once you get used to it.Below is the Origami workshop you can go through from simple art to a bit more complicated one.

Folding a cup(カップ)

YouTube Preview Image

Folding a Helmet(兜、かぶと)

YouTube Preview Image

Folding a frog(カエル)

YouTube Preview Image

This one is a lot of fun! This origami frog jumps! Kids like racing using Origami frogs.

Folding a Ninja Star(手裏剣、しゅりけん)

You will need two sheets of paper to complete this Ninja Star.

YouTube Preview Image

Folding a Crane(鶴、つる)

Here you go. This is the famous Crane!

YouTube Preview Image

Folding a Flapping Crane(鶴、つる)

YouTube Preview Image

If you would like to be creative, you can try making Pikachu(ピカチュウ)with Origami.

Folding a Pikachu(ピカチュウ)

YouTube Preview Image

If you would like to try more projects, try the following web site, Origami Club.On this site, you can find tons of projects from easy to complicated. They are also organized by month, events, and category. They also have animated videos for most of the projects so you can follow step by step.

Try this link below. This page is all about Easter! You will be surprised how many variations of bunnies you can make with Origami.

Happy Easter Origami

My favorite one is this Bunny.










Click the picture, you will see the instruction video.This Easter, try one of these Origami projects!

For those who would like to go further into Origami folding,there is more complex Origami folding called “Modular Origami”. Modular Origami requires more than two sheets of paper, attaching them to create more complex, 3D objects.  The popular one is called Kusudama (くすだま).

YouTube Preview Image

How was the Origami Workshop! Leave me your comments if you have any questions!