U dentysty!

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Everyone needs to see a dentist once in a while! And if something happens to your teeth, while you are traveling, it’s good to know some basic “dentist vocabulary”. Today I put together some useful words/phrases, just in case you will need to visit a Polish dentist:)

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Dentysta/Stomatolog – dentist

Muszę pójść do dentysty – I have to visit a dentist

Ząb mnie boli – I have toothache

Mam spuchnięte dziąsła – my gums are swollen

Moje dziąsła krwawią – my gums are bleeding

Wypadła mi plomba – I lost my filling

Aparat ortodontyczny – braces

Zapalenie dziąseł – gingivitis

Próchnica – cavity

Wyrwać ząb – to extract a tooth

Trzeba zaplombować ten ząb – this tooth needs filling

Root canal – kanał zęba

Szkliwo – tooth enamel

Mostek – bridge

Proteza zębowa – dentures

Krzywe zęby – croocked teeth

Plombować/ Zaplombować – to fill

Klinika dentystyczna – dental clinic

Próchnica – decay

Usunięcie zęba – extraction

Płukanie – rinse

Wrażliwy ząb – sensitive tooth

Kamień nazębny – tartar

Wybić ząb – to knock out the tooth

Wybielanie zębów – teeth whitening

Ząb mądrości – wisdom tooth

Fotel dentystyczny – dentist chair


Hopefully, nothing bad will happen, when you are traveling…but if it does, hopefully this blog will come in handy:)



Ordering meal at a Polish restaurant

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When you visit another country, you eat out a lot! So it is really important to know how to order your food and ask different questions while at the restaurant. A lot of places in Poland have English speaking waitstaff….but not all of them. Plus, it is really nice to be able to order your meal in the language of the country you are visiting:)

Here are different sentences I put together to help you with this topic:)


Image by Smaker.pl

Poprosimy stolik dla czterech osób – Table for 4 please

Czy możemy usiąść przy oknie? – Can we sit by the window?

Czy możemy poprosić kartę dań/ menu? – Can we have menu please?

Czy szef poleca jakieś specjalności dnia? – Does chef recommend specials of the day?

Czy możemy zamówić przystawki? – Can we order appetizers?

Nie jesteśmy jeszcze gotowi, czy możemy poprosić o kilka minut? – We are not ready yet, can we ask for few more minutes?

Poprosimy wodę dla wszystkich – Can we have water for everyone

( Here you will probably hear a question: “gazowaną, czy nie gazowaną?”, which means “sparkling or still”)

Poproszę piwo – Can I have beer please

Poproszę czerwone/białe wino – Can I have red/white wine?

Jesteśmy gotowi  – we are ready

Wszysko jest wspaniałe – everything is great/amazing

Ta potrawa bardzo nam smakuje – we love this dish

Poprosimy sól i pieprz – Can we have salt and pepper, please?

Mój stek jest nie wypieczony – My steak is not quite done

Krwisty stek – bloody steak, rare done

Czy mogę poprosić o jeszcze jeden kieliszek wina – Can I have one more glass of wine please?

Chcielibyśmy zamówić deser – We would love to order a dessert

Kolacja była wspaniała, teraz poprosimy o czek/rachunek – Dinner was amazing, can we have our check please?

Dziękujemy za wspaniałą obsługę – Thank you for a great service

Na pewno tu wrócimy – We will definitely come back here

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Summer is here and it is time to hit Polish beach!

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Summer is (almost) here! I love skiing and winter sports, but it was a long winter…so I’m really excited for some fun at the beach this summer!

So how do you think Polish beach looks like? Sunny skies ( słoneczne niebo), beautiful white sand (biały piasek), pine forest (las sosnowy), promenades lined with cafes and bars and restaurants. You might think you’re visiting the Mediterranean Sea, but it’s Poland, which has close to 500 miles of coast, forming the country’s northern border with the Baltic Sea (Morze Bałtyckie). Although the water is colder than in the Mediterranean and the weather not as perfect, Polish beaches offer sun, sea and sand and lot’s of attractions!


The main summer beach season (główny letni sezon plażowy) in Poland falls in July and August. This is also the vacation time for students and when most people take their vacations. You can expect crowds and higher prices, but also fully operational infrastructure. The Polish coast (Polskie wybrzeże) is generally straight, low and flat. Most of the coast faces the open Baltic and is full of small fishing ports and holiday resorts, with a few bigger towns along the way. Many beaches have lifeguards. The best open-sea beaches can be found at Świnoujscie and the nearby resort of Międzyzdroje, Dźwirzyno; Pogorzelica, Kołobrzeg, Łeba (here you can find shallow coastal lakes with moving sand dunes), Dębki and Karwia.

The Hel peninsula (półwysep Helski), shelters the Bay of Puck from the Northeast. A favorite holiday and weekend destination for the inhabitants of the nearby Tri-City area of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, it’s fashionable and can get crowded in the high season (expect high traffic to get all the way to the end, since there are no shortcuts). Once there, you have a choice of different beaches. The more bracing, windswept and squeaky-sand ones sit on the open Baltic side of the peninsula, and the more sheltered areas that have expanses of warm, shallow water are on the Bay of Puck side. Windsurfers like this one better, particularly at Chałupy. Chałupy has the oldest and best known naturist beach in Poland. After sun, venture to the town of Hel at the tip of the peninsula. It has a seal sanctuary and a good fishing museum, also some great seafood restaurants!

Take a look at this old song by Zbigniew Wodecki, who is singing about Chałupy:

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Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot Tri-City (Trójmiasto), stretches for over 30 miles along the curve of the Bay of Gdańsk. The best known and most popular is the beach in the resort town of Sopot. This is the party capital of the area, where you can often find celebrities, but it offers something for everybody. From sailing and windsurfing, to all-night clubbing, to theater and music to spa treatments. Amazing restaurants and shopping – especially jewelry shops with beautiful Polish amber:)

One more video for you:) This time it is a disco polo funny song about ice cream and the beach:) Enjoy!

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