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10 great Polish grammar posts! Posted by on Sep 17, 2016


Grammar (gramatyka) is the backbone of a language and without it any single thing you know may be flux, in a sort of jelly without much consistency. In a nutshell, grammar provides you with the structure you need in order to organize and put your messages and ideas across. It is the railway through which…

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Few reasons why I love Autumn in Poland Posted by on Sep 6, 2016


Why do I love Autumn in Poland? There are many reasons! And if you live in Poland or ever visited Poland during beautiful  “złota jesień” (golden fall), you will agree with me! First of all – beautiful golden colors (no wonder it is called złota jesień)!  Different shades of gold, brown, yellow, green and red…

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Back to school – witaj szkoło! Great blogs about school in Poland Posted by on Aug 31, 2016


School starts tomorrow for my daughter! I know that in many places has already started. I always remember first day in Polish school as September 1st! I put a list of few blogs about going back to school, school system in Poland, students in Poland….or just school in general:) Enjoy! First of all, cute poem…

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“Czarna Krowa” by Natalia Usenko Posted by on Aug 29, 2016


I have so many books with Polish poems for my kids! Every day we try to read a new poem…and try to memorize it:) Although it may be a little tricky sometimes…One of my favorite poems is “Czarna krowa” by Natalia Usenko. Today I decided to share it with you! Czarna Krowa  Czarna krowa w…

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Poem “Jesienią” by Maria Konopnicka Posted by on Aug 28, 2016


Fall is just around the corner, a very beautiful time of the year in Poland! Why not celebrate it with a rhyme? Today I have for you poem “Jesienią” by amazing author, Maria Konopnicka JESIENIĄ Jesienią, jesienią Sady się rumienią; Czerwone jabłuszka Pomiędzy zielenią. Czerwone jabłuszka, Złociste gruszeczki Świecą się jak gwiazdy Pomiędzy listeczki. —…

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