Don’t leave me on the ice…Polish poem “Poślizg”

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The winter isn’t coming, winter is already here. Whether you like it or not there is nothing you can do about it. It seems that the best thing for all of us will be if we just enjoy all the attractions winter gives us. It could be skiing, ice skating, sliding, building a snowman:) All of this should be fun…but remember: whatever you do, don’t leave your friends on the ice! (“Nie zostawiaj przyjaciół na lodzie”).

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Image by Thomas Hawk on


Autor: Zosiak


Author: Zosiak

Nie zostawiaj mnie zimą na lodzie,
skoro wiesz, że nie będę szczęśliwa.
Dni są krótkie, w ciemnościach zabłądzę.
Lepiej latem, to w morzu popływam.

Do not leave me in the winter on the ice,
when you know that I will not be happy.
Days are short, I will get lost in the darkness.
Better in the summer, I could swim in the sea.

Lub jesienią, gdy drzewa się złocą.
Spacerują parami przechodnie.
Nie zostawiaj, no pomyśl, no po co?
Chyba zacznę rozpaczać okropnie.

Or in the autumn, when the trees turn gold.
Pedestrians walk in pairs.
Do not leave, think, well, why?
I guess I’ll grieve terribly.

Choć miłością tak wielką nie płonę,
będę głodem przymierać pomału,
bo któż inny serwuje mielone
pozlepiane z najświeższych banałów?

Though I don’t burn with a big love,
I perish with hunger slowly,
because who else’s serves “mielone”(looks like hamburger)
stuck together with the freshest platitudes?

Nawet wiosną się w smutku pogrążę.
Chcesz, bym z żalu paznokcie obgryzła?
Nie zostawiaj mnie zimą na lodzie.
Przecież wiesz, że nie jeżdżę na łyżwach.

Even in the spring I will be sad
You want me to bite my nails of in grief ?
Do not leave me in the winter on the ice.
You know I don’t ice skate.

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Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

12 great Polish posts for beginners!

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Here, at Transparent Language Polish blog site, I try to share with you all kinds of different informations about Poland and Polish language. I include current Polish news, grammar, useful phrases, songs, books, places to visit, where to eat, history…Today I put a list of 12 blogs, that I think will be super helpful to all beginners, and not only…

1. Any time you need help, just ask…simple…Kto pyta, nie błądzi (Who asks, does not wander). How can I help you? post will come pretty handy here:)

Image by Erwan bazin  on

Image by Erwan bazin on

2. Books, maps, magazines…all these will help you in learning a language. Use vocabulary you need while shopping Visit to a book store

3. Counting to 3 should me calming…So let’s count! Numbers

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Image by mrsdkrebs on


4. Most popular and useful Polish phrases – print them out and keep them on you….Useful Polish phrases

5. Can’t study with empty stomach…so let’s talk about food:) Śniadanie, Obiad, Kolacja Useful vocabulary, what Poles typically eat during the day…and much more!



Image by Much Ramblings on

Image by Much Ramblings on

6. We don’t want to be late for school, work, date, meeting….Knowing time and date in Polish is really important! This post will definitely come in handy: Data i godzina

7. Family is important…Once you meet people speaking Polish…they want to get to know you. Describing  yourself, your life, your family may be very personal…but if you decide to do it, check out this blog: My Family – Moja Rodzina

8. So you are study and study…and people ask you: Why are you learning Polish? Well…I have an answer! Why learn Polish? Let’s see if you will persuade someone else to learn Polish!

9. Do you see the world in gray…or bright colors? I definitely like the bright ones! Check out Kolory tęczy and learn more about colors in Polish:)

10. Do you know your body? Here is a great lesson about naming your Body Parts

11. How to put a sentence together? Well,  that’s tricky…especially when you just starting to learn a new language. Read Word order in Polish grammar to get more comfortable:)

12. And finally, Valentines Day is just around the corner…so why not talk about Love? Love is in the air ♥ post will close the list of 12 most helpful blogs for all beginners in learning Polish language:) Good luck!



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Image by story astoria on

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

Tasty Polish coffee during long winter…

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Coffee is one of my favorite beverages! I love it any time and anywhere:) But of course, especially on a cold winter day….

Most Poles seem hooked on strong coffee and they cannot carry on without a cup a day, or two or more. Many still brew it the Polish way by putting a spoonful or two of ground coffee into a glass and filling the vessel up with boiling water. My aunt makes it super strong…Almost half of the glass/cup is a filled with coffee grounds!!!

The average Pole consumes about 107 litres of coffee per year, which gives the country the 12th position in Europe, according to a report by Euromonitor International. By 2015, the report puts Poland’s coffee market at as much as US$1.64 billion.

Poles drink a lot of instant coffee (kawa rozpuszczalna). One of the very popular brands of this type of coffee was always Inka (and I think it is still pretty easy to find). Inka is a Polish roasted grain beverage. Developed in the late 1960s during the communist era, Inka has been produced in Skawina since 1971, a centre of coffee production since the early 20th century. Currently it is manufactured by GRANA Sp. Z O.O. It is exported to Canada and the United States as Naturalis Inka in packaging reminiscent of that used in Poland in the early 1990s.

Image by olo81 on

Image by olo81 on


Poles love their strong black coffee known as czarna , literally the word for “black” or czarna kawa which, in its most extreme form, is equivalent to espresso. Coffee with milk is kawa z mlekiem.

If you would like to know how to order coffee in Polish, here is a helpful video:)

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Old towns in Poland have a lot of really nice and unique coffee shops:) Chain stores, like Coffee Heaven, iCoffee, Empik Cafes and the foreign entries Costa Coffee and Starbucks all offer a great experience as well… clean, uniform, and comfy business-like atmospheres supported by pretty good drip coffee and espresso. Lots of places play jazz music over their stereo but don’t offer any live music. All had free internet.

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)