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Swedish expressions: “to put the icing on the cake” Posted by on Jul 19, 2017

Just like English and any other language, Swedish is full of fun expressions. One is, Det är ingen ko på isen! – There’s no cow on the ice! This quirky expression means, “No worries! It’s no problem!” Not everyone says ingen ko på isen, but if you meet someone who does, that person will likely…

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16 kg of candy per year per Swede, research says Posted by on Jul 8, 2017

One of the lesser-known statistics about Sweden is that Sweden is one of the most candy-consuming countries in the world. What’s typical for the average Swedish grocery store? The homey scent of fresh bread, a meaty delicatessen, and dairy products galore (milk, yoghurt, quark, and not least filmjölk, a type of sour yoghurt said to…

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Language examinations in Sweden Posted by on Jul 3, 2017

Most of you are familiar with international language examinations like the English IELTS, Cambridge Certificate, or for example the Spanish DELE. In Sweden we have two internationally recognized language examinations with two different purposes: -TISUS stands for Test in Swedish for Universities and it is available few times a year both in Sweden and some…

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Useful and cool Swedish words part 4 Posted by on Jun 19, 2017

Last year in 2015 there were approximately 13000 new Swedish words that were registered by SAOL (Svenska Akademins Ordlista) and around 9000 words disappeared from the list. This kind of increase hasn’t happened since the 1950s, wrote Johan Lindquist Göteborgs Posten 2015. See the article here in Swedish: link In this blog post I have…

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Talking about the weather in Swedish Posted by on Jun 7, 2017

It’s raining! Picture it: You’re on vacation in Stockholm during the autumn, and suddenly, rain starts to fall. You’re getting soaked! What do you do? Maybe you want to buy ett paraply, an umbrella. Or maybe you just want to talk about the weather. Swedes love small-talk, so you’ll fit right in! And have we…

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