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Weapon amnesty in Sweden Posted by on Apr 2, 2018

A flyer found its way down in my mail box the other day. It said “Lämna in vapen” Hand in your weapon. I got pretty surprised (överraskad). There has been three weapon amnesties in my life time. One in 1993 when approximately 17000 unregistered firearms and 15 tons of ammunition were handed in by Swedish…

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The chaos in Swedish Health Care System Posted by on Mar 19, 2018

Health care in Sweden is largely tax-funded, a system that ensures everyone equal access to health care services. Challenges include funding, quality and efficiency of its health care services. Waiting times for pre-planned care, such as cataract or hip-replacement surgery, have long been a cause of dissatisfaction. As a result, Sweden introduced a health care guarantee in 2005.…

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Sjöfartsmuséet – The Maritime Museum & Aquarium Posted by on Mar 5, 2018

One remarkable museum you should all visit with our without kids is the Maritime Museum of Gothenburg. The museum offers various programs for families with children all year long and have small but very impressive aquarium downstairs. The museum is open every day 10-17 o’clock and Wednesday until 20.00 o’clock except Mondays. The single ticket…

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Polar bears on the streets – a Swedish stereotype Posted by on Feb 28, 2018

There are many things that people believe to be true about Sweden. Some are pretty close to the general truth, others are way off. What about there being polar bears on the streets of Sweden? An interesting stereotype (en stereotyp) about life in Sweden is that occasionally, a pedestrian (en fotgängare), driver (en bilförare) or cyclist…

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Just enough Swedish fika – the Swedish word lagom Posted by on Feb 20, 2018

The Swedish fika is a well-known phenomenon among Sweden-enthusiasts. Just as important is the word lagom. How are these severely Swedish concepts related? By this point, the art of the Swedish coffee break has reached far beyond the vast stretches of the oblong Scandinavian paradise that is Sweden. Its concept serves as a symbol for…

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