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Popular Swedish Podcasts Posted by on Aug 21, 2017

Radio podcasts and programs are a great way learning and practicing Swedish. So I have tried to found the most popular, interesting and funny pods and programs for you that most Swedes listen to. For you who wouldn’t know what a podcast is wikipedia says: A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can download and listen to.…

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The thing about ‘pie’ in Sweden Posted by on Aug 9, 2017

Pie. Such an ordinary thing, and yet it carries so many secrets. At least, it does in Sweden! Most people appreciate some sort of pie, whether it be desert pie, food pie, sweet or savory. That goes for all cultures where pie is an established dish. In Sweden, some of the most common pajer (singular…

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Feeling very Swedish in other countries Posted by on Aug 7, 2017

I have been on the road for 2,5 months soon. I am enjoying my well-earned and long vacation this year. It is kind of a vagabond life when you travel that much. You’re closet is your luggage. You develop extremely many surviving skills during a trip on your own. I have been enjoying myself for…

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The Nordic heritage of Minnesota Posted by on Jul 31, 2017

I guess this post will be a good continuation of my previous post that was about the Viking heritage of York in England. I am sitting in a kitchen in Hibbing, Minnesota right now and the weather is very hot about 29 C/84,2 F. The air stands still. Not so vikingish but let’s be honest it…

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The Viking Museum of Jorvik aka York Posted by on Jul 21, 2017

You blog readers are in for a real treat today I have to say. A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit the Viking museum of York in North-East England. I have known that York used to be a viking settlement approximately around 900 A.D. but I have to admit that I didn’t…

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