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10 Uses of the Most Common Arabic Slang Words Posted by on Nov 29, 2016 in Arabic Language

Marhaba! Almost all of you Arabic lovers love my post on the 25 Most Common Arabic slang words. It’s one of the most popular and visited posts on the Arabic Language blog. Given the post’s popularity, I thought about sharing some examples of how some of these slang words could be used in a conversation.

Image via Pixabay (Public Domain)

Image via Pixabay (Public Domain)

I have shared the 25 most common Arabic slang words to refresh your memory. Just as a reminder: these are most commonly used in the Levant area of the Arab world, mainly Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, and parts of Iraq. Thus, there are very common in Levantine Arabic than other dialects in the Arab world. I have then translated and transliterated all these examples. Enjoy and practice these examples with your Arabic speaking friends and/or colleagues.


Sharfuna- شرفونا – Join us
Join us for coffee.
شرفونا على القهوة
Sharfuna ‘ala al-qahwe

Walaw – ولو – Of course
Of course, I believe you.
ولو أكيد أصدقك
Walaw, akeed ‘usadiquk

Yalla – يلا – Come on/let’s go
Let’s go to Mohammad’s party.
يلا نروح على حفلة محمد
Yalla nruh ‘ala haflat Mohammad

Akeed – أكيد – Certain
I am certain I called Fatmeh.
أنا أكيد اتصلت بفاطمة
Ana akeed ittasalt bi-Fatmeh

Walla – والله – Swear to God
Swear to God I will be there in 10 minutes.
والله أكون عندك بعد عشرة دقائق
Walla akun ‘indak ba’id ‘ashrat daqa’iq

Salbeh – سلبه – Awesome/cool
This film is really awesome.
هذا الفلم كتير سلبه
Hatha al-film kteer salbeh

Bawseh – بوسة – Kiss
Give me a kiss.
اعطني بوسة
A’tini bawseh

Kol Hawa – كول هوا   – Shut up (literally: eat air)
This is nonsense. Shut up!
هذا كلام فارغ. كول هوا
Hatha kalam farigh. Kol hawa

Min Shufik – من شوفك – Will see you (female)
I will see you soon, Raghida.
من شوفك قريباً راغدة
Min shufik qariban Raghida

Mish Fadeh – مش فاضي – Do not have time
I do not have time for your stories.
مش فاضي لقصصك
Mish fadeh la-qusasak

For now take care and stay tuned for upcoming posts!
Happy Learning!
Have a nice day!!

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