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Arabic Prepositions 5 Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Arabic Language, Grammar

Arabic Prepositions (حروف الجر) are an interesting and a challenging topic for learners of Arabic. When I mark students’ essays, I notice many mistakes with prepositions. In this post, I highlight the meanings and usage of three of the Arabic prepositions; give examples and some exercises on the selected prepositions.


مذ / منذ both mean “since/ago”. They must be followed by a noun that refers to time, and they can be used interchangeably.

لم أقابل صديقتي منذ العام الماضي.

I have not seen my friend since last year.

أعاني من البرد منذ يوم الجمعة.

I suffer from cold since Friday.

رُبَّ means perhaps. It has to be followed by an indefinite noun.

رب ضارة نافعة.

Perhaps there is a benefit in a harmful event.

Complete the sentences below with the appropriate preposition (رُبَّمذ / منذ)

———– غائب مريض.

سافروا إلى أمريكا ————- عامين.

الأستاذ شرح القواعد ———– الأسبوع الماضي.

لم يخرج من منزله ———- شهر.

——————— شيخ  يمشي كأنه شاب .



رُبَّ غائب مريض.

Perhaps an absent person is unwell.

سافروا إلى أمريكا مذ / منذ عامين.

They travelled to the USA two years ago.

الأستاذ شرح القواعد مذ / منذ الأسبوع الماضي.

The teacher explained the grammar rules last week.

لم يخرج من منزله مذ / منذ شهر.

He has not left his home for month.

رُبَّ شيخ يمشي كأنه شاب .

Perhaps an old man walks like a young man.


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