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Active and Passive in Arabic: Practice and Examples Posted by on Jul 31, 2018

In the previous post, you learned about the passive voice المَبْنِي لِلْمَجْهُول in Arabic, and how an active مَعْلُوم sentence is changed into passive مَجْهُول. Besides leaving some words out from the active sentence, verbal internal (i.e. non-final) diacritical marks or short vowels must change. This is essentially the most obvious change in verb forms…

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Arabic teams in World Cup 2018 (2) Posted by on Jul 25, 2018

It has been about two weeks since the final match of world cup 2018 and we all now know who the winner is! In terms of the Arabic appearance in the previous world cup, four Arabic teams: السعودية، ومصر، وتونس والمغرب all qualified for تأهلو إلى world cup 2018, which took place in Russia. Unfortunately…

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Changing an Active Sentence to Passive in Arabic Posted by on Jul 24, 2018

To a change an Arabic sentence from active مَعْلُوم to passive مَجْهُول, its verb must be transitive مُتَعَدِّي. That is, it must have at least one object مَفْعُول. The sentence that includes an intransitive لَازِم or non-conjugatable جَامِد verbs cannot be changed into passive. This post is about why passive is used in Arabic, and…

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The Gender of Arabic Nouns (2): Vocabulary and Examples Posted by on Jul 19, 2018

In series one of this post, it was pointed out that the gender الجِنْس of noun in Arabic is not as straightforward as often thought of. You learned about different types of masculine المُذَكَّر and feminine المُؤَنَّث nouns as well as the feminine markers عَلَامَات التَّأْنِيْث. Today, you will learn about some irregularities of masculine…

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Arabic teams in World Cup 2018 (1) Posted by on Jul 18, 2018

This year, four Arabic teams أربعة فرق عربية  have qualified for world cup 2018 كأس العالم ٢٠١٨  in Russia. The Arabic appearance الظهور العربي  in this world cup was described as the ‘first in history’ الأول في التاريخ  as the number of Arabic teams that qualified for previous world cups was three only! Now that…

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The Gender of Arabic Nouns (1) Posted by on Jul 17, 2018

The gender الجِنْس of noun الاِسْم in Arabic is either masculine مُذَكَّر or feminine مُؤَّنَّث. The masculine المُذَكَّر is the basic form; therefore, it does not require a marker عَلاَمَة. The feminine المُؤَنَّث is derived from the masculine; it requires a feminine marker عَلَامَة تَأنِيْث. There are two types of masculine: real masculine and unreal…

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Assimilation in Arabic Posted by on Jul 12, 2018

In natural speech, it is always difficult to utter a sound twice in a row, as in عَلْلَم which becomes عَلَّم. It is also relatively difficult to produce two sounds from the same area of articulation consecutively, as in مِنْ رَأْسِكَ which is pronounced as مِرَّأْسِكَ. Therefore, we recourse to assimilation. In Arabic, assimilation الإِدْغَام…

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