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Listening Answers: The Charm of Arabic Calligraphy Posted by on Jun 11, 2015

   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! How was the last listening exercise? I hope you have enjoyed the report. Here are the answers to the listening exercise about the Charm of Arabic Calligraphy. To view the exercise and the questions again, please click here. الإجــابــات Answers أســاســيــات الــخــط الــعــربــي الــتــى حــولــتــه إلــى فــنٍ مــتــعــارف عــلــيــه هــى: الــخــط…

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Listening Exercise: The Charm of Arabic Calligraphy Posted by on Jun 11, 2015

اِســتــمــع إلــى الــتــقــريــر ، ثــُــمَّ أجـِــبْ عـَــن الأســئــلــة الــتــَّــالــِــيــَـــة : Listen to the report and then answer the following questions: الأســـْـــئــِـــلــة Questions مــا هــى أســاســيــات الــخــط الــعــربــي الــتــى حــولــتــه إلــى فــنٍ مــتــعــارف عــلــيــه؟       1) What are the basics of the Arabic calligraphy that turned it into a common art? اِذكــُــر بــعــض أنــواع الــخــط الــعــربــي؟ …

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Arabic calligraphy Posted by on Jan 31, 2009

Arabic calligraphy (الخط العربي) is a very important aspect of Arabic art and culture that has enjoyed an important status in Arabic culture for centuries. Calligraphy is defined as beautiful or decorative handwriting, which is a feature of the majority of writing systems around the world. In Arabic and Islamic culture, calligraphy has enjoyed a…

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Everyday Arabic Handwriting Posted by on Sep 18, 2019

As an Arabic learner, you are probably accustomed to reading printed Arabic and Arabic handwriting خَط اليَد that is written in a way that is legible مَقروء for learners. Not to be confused with Arabic calligraphy الخَط العربي, which is an art form meant for decorating and sacred scripture. In this post, we’ll be looking…

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The Inception of Dotting and Diacritics in Arabic Posted by on Aug 17, 2017

During the early days of Islam, Arabic scripts had neither dots nor diacritics. As illustrated in the Table (1), a word with neither of these typographic features had multiple meanings. Figuring out what it meant depended primarily on Arabs’ intuition, memory, and the context. By the time of fourth Caliphate, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib…

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Arabic Graffiti Posted by on Apr 14, 2017

Graffiti (الغرافيتي) is the art of writing and drawing on walls. It usually serves to deliver a social or political message. The art is very common in the Arab world where social and political problems affect the lives of millions and where the freedom of expression margin is very narrow. I remember as a child…

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Listening Comprehension Answers: Arabic and Technology Posted by on Mar 24, 2016

    Ahlan, Arabic lovers! How did you do in the last listening comprehension exercise about Arabic and Technology? Some considerable number of academic and educated Arabs do really think that there is a threat to the Arabic language because of the impact of globalization and the domination of the English language from one side…

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