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An Arabic Crossword Puzzle on Ramadan (2) Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! If you are Muslim or you have Muslim friends, you would know that the Holy Month of Ramadan is really about self-evaluation and self-reflection. You would also immediately realize that many of the traditions and activities related to Ramadan are common in other Abrahamic religions as well as other religious traditions. Prayer, fasting, inner reflection, good deeds, and charitable actions are some of the many traits that cut across religious and secular lines. I am sure many of you know most of the traditions and activities on Ramadan from the previous post, and that you were able to solve the fun Arabic crossword puzzle. I have a recommendation to all of you. If you have not been invited by friends over to Iftar, how about you suggest that you would like for 1 day to live the entire spiritual experience and family traditions? You could suggest fasting for the entire day and then breaking fast, praying, and partaking in any related Ramadan event, be it fun or spiritual. Trust me it’s rewarding in many ways. In this post, I am sharing the answers to the Arabic crossword puzzle, and some short useful notes on these different words.

Ramadan crossword 2

رمضان – Ramadan: Ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Muslims around the globe observe Ramadan as a month of fasting and prayer.
إفطار – Iftar: word refers to breakfast. But during Ramadan it refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast at sunset.
صوم – Fasting: this requires the abstinence from drink, food, and sexual activity every day from dawn to sunset.
زكاة – Alms giving: practice of charitable giving during Ramadan and across the year to fight wealth inequality.
هلال— Crescent Moon: Muslims look for the crescent moon to determine the beginning and end of Ramadan.
سحور – Predawn Meal: Meal consumed by Muslims early in the morning before fasting, that is before sunrise.
تراويح – Extra Prayers by Muslims during Ramadan.
صلاة — Prayer
فرض – Religious Duty: It is an Islamic term which denotes a religious duty by God (Allah)
القرآن – The Quran: the central religious text of Islam.

Image by Thomas Galvez

Image by Thomas Galvez

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