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Arab Women Film-makers In the Spotlight Again Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba (مرحبا)! I hope you found the excerpt from the article I discussed in the previous post interesting and useful. I am confident you have all worked hard to answer the questions. After presenting you with the answers and the translation of some key words, I have added two YouTube videos that portray the work of two Arab filmmakers that were among the few that were honored at the international Birds Eye View Film Festival in London.


The first is the trailer of Eliane Raheb’s recent film called “Sleepless Nights,” which discusses the issues of forgiveness and redemption in Lebanon following the civil war that ripped the country apart. The trailer portrays the issue of displaced individuals during the war. The second is a scene excerpt from a movie by Annemarie Jacir called “When I Saw You” which discusses issues of love, adventure and freedom in the minds and hearts of people in Palestine. The scene excerpt is a song with English subtitles for you to follow and understand the meaning of the lyrics.


Answers of the Question:

  1. يركز مهرجان “بيردز اي فيو” Birds Eye View السينمائي المقام في العاصمة البريطانية لندن على إبداعات المرأة العربية في مجال الاخراج السينمائي

It’s an event dedicated to women in film – and this year the Birds Eye View Film Festival in London focuses only on features made by Arab female directors.

  1. الكثير من الشابات حاليا يدخلن عالم الانترنت ويرغبن في تشكيل هوية جديدة. هذه المحاولات تصطدم مع التقليديين في البيئة المحيطة بهم، واعتقد انه يخلق توترا جميلا تتناوله المخرجات بالبحث.

Lots of young women are now online and want to form a new global identity. This clashes with many traditionalists around them, and I think this creates a beautiful tension for film-makers to explore.

  1. ليس هناك رأي شائع بشأن (المخرجات السينمائيات) فحسب، بل علينا ان نقنع أيضا بنمطية رأي الاعلام الغربي في نظرته للمرأة العربية. لكن هذه الافلام تأتي بما لايتوقعه البعض.

Not only is there stereotyping around ‘the female director’, but we also have to contend with the Western media stereotype of the Arab female. But none of these films deliver what you expect.

  1. المشهد الثقافي يتغير في الشرق الاوسط، كما أتاح الربيع العربي قوة للناس، وللنساء لتحدي القهر وانعدام المساواة والفساد ومن هنا تصاغ القصص. كما شاهدنا ايضا العشرات من المخرجات اللائي يعشن في الخارج يعدن الى بلادهن ويقدمن قصصهن

The cultural landscape is changing in the Middle East, the Arab Spring gave power to the people and women are challenging oppression, inequality and corruption – and from this, stories are born.

Translation of key words:

مجال الاخراج السينمائي – Film Making Business

المرأة العربية – Arab Woman

رأي الاعلام – Media stereotype

أفكار ومعتقدات – Thoughts and Beliefs

المنحة – Grant

الربيع العربي – Arab Spring

التحدي – Challenge

الفساد – Corruption

القهر – Oppression

انعدام المساواة – Inequality

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Have a nice day!

نهاركم سعيد

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