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Fisal’s Dictionary: “to be beautiful” Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

       Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary in order to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb جـَــمـُـــلَ  and explore some of its derivatives.

* جـَـمـُــلَ   /jamu’la/ [V. I.]: (something or someone) = to be beautiful in shape, look or manners.

* جــَــمــِــيــل  /jameel/ [Adj. Mas.]: beautiful (describing masculine nouns).

                           Ex.هــذا مـنـزلٌ جــمــيـــلٌ  = This is a beautiful house.

                                – هــذا مــقــالٌ جــمــيــلٌ  = This is a beautiful article.

                                – كــُــنْ جـَــمــيــلاً , تــَــرى الــوجــُــودَ جــَــمــيــلاً

                                = Be beautiful and you will see the whole universe beautiful.

* جـَــمــيـلـة   /jameelah/ [Adj. Fem.]: beautiful (describing feminine nouns).

                        Ex.  –  هــذهِ صــورةٌ جــمــيــلـةٌ  = This is a beautiful picture.

                               –  هــذهِ فــتـــاةٌ جــمــيــلـةٌ = This is a beautiful girl.

* الـجـَــمـَــال   /al-jamaal/ [N. U.]: beauty.

                      Ex. –  الــجــَــمــَــالُ فـى عــَــيــْــنِ الــرَّائــِــى

                        = Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

* عـِـلـْــمُ الـجــَــمـَــال   [N.]: aesthetics.

* جــَــمــَّــلَ   /jammala/ [V. T.]: to beautify or decorate.

                              Ex.  – جـَــمــَّــلَ الـطـاهـِــى الـتــورتــة بـالـــفـــاكــهــــة   

                                 = The chef decorated the cake with fruits.

* تــَــجــَــمــَّــلَ   /tajammala/ [V. I.]: to pretend to be beautiful.

* اِســْــتــَــجـْــمـَــلَ   /estajmala/ [V. T.]: to think of or consider something is beautiful.

* أجـْــمــَــلَ   /ajmala/ [V. I.]: to summarize / to say something in brief.

                             Ex.أجـْــمــَــلَ الـرئــيـــسُ فـى خـطـبـتــهِ

                                  = The president was brief in his speech.

* إجــْــمــَــال  /ijmaal/ [N. U.] = summary / synopsis

* مـُــجــْــمــَــل  /mujmal/ [Adj.] = summarized / brief

* جــَــامــَــلَ   /Jaamala/ [V. T.]: to compliment / to congratulate / to praise.

                             Ex.  – جـَــامــَــلَ مــُـحـَــمـَّــدٌ صـَــديــقــهُ فى عــيــد مــيــلاده

                                    = Muhammad complimented his friend in his birthday.

* مـُــجــَــامـَــلــَــة   /mujaamalah/ [N. C.]: compliment / congratulation / praise.

                             Ex. – شــُـــكــراً عــلـى الــمـُــجــَــامــَــلــَــة  = Thanks for the compliment!

* جــَــمــَـــلْ  /jamal/ [N.C.] = camel

                            Ex. – ركـِــبــُــوا الـجـَــمــَــلَ عــِــنــدَ الأهــْــرَامـَــات

                                 = They rode the camel at the pyramids.

* جــِــمــَــال  /jimaal/ [N. Pl.] = Plural of camel.

* الــجــَــمــَّــال  /al-jammaal/ [N. C.] = the camel handler.

* جــُــمــْــلــَــة  /jumlah/ [N. C.] = sentence (in grammar)


– (Note: N.=Noun /C.= Countable / U.= Uncountable / V.= Verb / Ph. V. = Phrasal Verb / Adj.= Adjective / Mas. = Masculine / Fem. = Feminine / Adv.= Adverb / Prep.=Preposition / Pl.= Plural)


Check us back soon

Peace  ســلام /Salam/

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