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Arabic Immersion Day Posted by on Apr 12, 2012 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar, Vocabulary

     Language immersion is a second language learning method in which language learners immerse themselves in the target (second) language. The goal of language immersion is to create a linguistic environment that mimics the environment of first language acquisition. The idea behind language immersion is that, if all incoming communication is in the target language, then students will eventually be compelled to use the target language for all outgoing communication.

     Many people dream of traveling to foreign countries, yet traveling may not be easy for everyone. Our blog today is to help you plan an Arabic immersion day. You can have some fun and enjoy the language you are learning from the comfort of your own home. Now if you have a day off (let it be the weekend) that you can spend at home, how can you plan your own Arabic immersion day?

  •      Start your Arabic immersion day by preparing some Arabic breakfast choosing from different recipes; ( Middle Eastern and Arabic Food Recipes ).
  •     If you are a coffee fan, then you must start your Arabic immersion day by preparing some Arabic coffee, try the Arabic coffee here ; ( Smell and Taste the Arabic Coffee ).
  •    While preparing the Arabic Coffee, turn on the Arabic Alphabet Song.
  •    Some people like drinking coffee while reading the morning newspapers. In the Arabic immersion day, you will read news from the Middle East or the Arab World. Here are some good links: Huff Post Egypt News  ,  Al-Ahram Newspaper   ,  Al-Gomhuria Newspaper ,  Egypt Independent  , The Middle East  
  •    If you get bored with the news, move on and learn something with our Arabic Word of the Day application. Don’t forget to scroll back for more Arabic words. The words are translated and are put into  sentences with pronunciation, so just click the microphone button.
  •     Is it afternoon now and you are feeling lazy? Then why not watch an Arabic film! It would be a good idea I guess; ( Arabic Movies )
  •     Do you like internet shopping? Do feel like shopping something related to the Arabic culture? How about exploring this wonderful site? Pyramid Imports You can also order so many Egyptian Films with or without English/French subtitles here; Arabic DVDs & CDs
  •     If you are feeling hungry now, why not to prepare some Arabic meal. You can choose from different recipes here ; ( Middle Eastern and Arabic Food Recipes ).
  •     Listen to the Holy Qur’an with different recitations, either in Arabic or in English; Quran Explorer
  •     Read some Arabic poetry on the Poets Gate
  • Call some friend or your Arabic Teacher and chat with them in Arabic for a little bit.
  • Try making some Arabic poster with some Arabic words or sentence.
  •     Read some wonderful articles on the Arabic Language and Culture on our Arabic Blog.
  •     Try our page on Learn Arabic and enjoy our free resources and other products.
  •     Listen to some Arabic Music on our Arabic Transparent Youtube Channel. You can also listen to some Arabic Mp3 songs.     
  •      If you are tempted to be fully and really immersed, then try an Arabic Immersion Vacation and you can choose either Arabic Immersion – Cairo or Arabic Immersion – Alexandria
  • Go to bed and have some sweet Arabic dreams !

Have a Happy Arabic Immersion Day

Peace  سلام /Salam/

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  1. Ya-Sin:

    Jazzy idea!Easy enough to do and sounds more fun than sitting in the Masjid trying to figure out how much I understand of what im not being spoken to about, not being part of the conversation and all.