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The Royal Opera House in Muscat Posted by on Apr 5, 2022

In this post, we’ll be learning about The Royal Opera House in Muscat, دار الأوبرا السلطانية في مسقط the capital of the Sultanate of Oman عُمان. It’s truly a magical place. I would love to attend a show عرض there if I ever get a chance to visit عُمان. Below is an excerpt in Arabic…

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Hamza Namira: “Free for a bit?” فاضي شويّة؟ Posted by on Mar 31, 2022

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending a live performance by the Egyptian artist Hamza Namira in London حضور أداء موسيقي حيّ للفنّان المصري حمزة نمرة في لندن. It was a lovely night that it made me want to share one of his hit songs titled: ‘Fadhy Shwayya‘ – ‘Free for a bit?‘…

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Song: My beloved mother أمي الحبيبة Posted by on Mar 21, 2022

Welcome to a new post 🙂 Today is Mother’s Day in the Arab world اليوم هو يوم الأم / عيد الأم في الوطن العربي. To celebrate this day, I’d like to share with you a lovely song, in Egyptian Arabic, by the amazing singer: Hisham Abbas هشام عبّاس. The song is short and not quick-pacd…

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International Women’s Day: Break the Bias Posted by on Mar 8, 2022

I’d like to send love and respect to women all over the world. Today is the International Women’s Day يوم المرأة العالمي/ اليوم العالمي للمرأة. As is the case every year, the United Nations هيئة الأمم المتحدة designates تُخَصِّص this day of every year to clebrate women لِتَحْتَفِي بَالنِّسَاء , and their achievements, in all walks of…

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Mahraganaat Music أغاني المهرجانات – Part 3 Posted by on Feb 21, 2022

Welcome to the last part of this blog post series Mahraganaat Music. Last week, we started studying the lyrics of a specific example of this type music; a song called: إنتِ قلبي you’re my heart that is performed by Omar Kamaal & Shaima Al-Maghrabi.  The 2nd half of the lyrics, in Arabic & English, are provided below…

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Mahraganaat Music أغاني المهرجانات – Part 2 Posted by on Feb 14, 2022

Welcome to the second part of this blog post where we’re focusing on a new trend اتجاه/ نمط جديد in Egyptian music And that is Mahraganaat Music. Last week, we started learning about this type of music and listened to some very popular examples. Today, we’re going to study the lyrics of a specific example…

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Mahraganaat Music أغاني المهرجانات – Part 1 Posted by on Feb 7, 2022

In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about a specific musical genre نوع من الموسيقى that has recently emerged ظهرت مؤخرًا within the music industry مجال صناعة الموسيقى in Egypt. This trend توجّه is called Mahraganat Music/ songs موسيقى/أغاني المهرجانات. This blog post series will explore this term, its meaning & its purpose as well as…

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