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Common cold – vocabulary Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Vocabulary

Common cold is one of the common illnesses that affect most people. It is caused by a viral infection that affects the respiratory system. In this post, I present Arabic vocabulary related to the topic of common cold.


Common cold = برد / نزلة برد

Infection = عدوى

Virus = فيروس

Disease = مرض

Infectious disease = مرض معدٍ

Flu = انفلونزا

Symptoms =  أعراض

Cough =سعال / كحة

Sore throat = احتقان في الزور

Runny nose = رشح

Headache = صداع

Fatigue = تعب / إرهاق

Loss of appetite = فقدان شهية

Fever = ارتفاع في درجة الحرارة / حمى

Sneezing = عطس

Prevention = الوقاية

Hand washing = غسل اليدين

Treatment = العلاج

Pain relief = مسكن للألم

Anti-biotic = مضاد حيوي

Anti-viral = مضاد فيروسي

Vitamin C = فيتامين ج



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