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Directions in Arabic Posted by on Apr 24, 2019 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

Whether you’re asking for directions الإتجهات to a specific place, or giving directions to a cab driver, knowing how to say and understand directions in Arabic is important. Even with Google maps and GPS nowadays, there will be instances where you will need to communicate with people to find a place or direct them to your hotel, apartment, etc.

Let’s begin with left, right and straight ahead.

right: يَمين

left: يَسار

straight ahead: عَلى طول

Directions in Arabic 1.

Image provided by Yasmine K.

North: الشَّمال

South: الجَنوب

East:  الشَّرْق

West: الغَرْب

Directions in Arabic 2.

Image provided by Yasmine K.

Here are some examples:

Excuse me, I’m lost, could you tell me how to get to the Dead Sea restaurant?

Keep going straight ahead then turn right.

عفواً، أنا ضائع، ممكن أن تخبرني كيف أصل إلى مطعم البحر الميت؟

.أبقى على طول ثم خذ يمين

Do you have a map?

Yes, if we go North, we’ll find the mosque.

معك خريطة؟

.نعم، إذا ذهبنا شمالاً، سنجد الجامع

Where is South America on the map?

أين أمريكا الجنوبية على الخريطة؟

I want to visit the Middle East.

.أريد أن أزور الشرق الأوسط

The hotel is on your left.

.الفندق على يسارك

Keep practicing your Arabic! 😊

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