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Dubai Water Canal, Listening Posted by on Dec 16, 2016 in Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

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In this post, I present a listening comprehension exercise on Dubai Water Canal which was recently opened in Dubai. Listen to the news story and answer the following questions. You can use the vocabulary list to assist your comprehension.

Answer the following questions in Arabic:

  1. من الذي افتتح قناة دبي المائية؟

  2. كم يبلغ طول قناة دبي المائية؟

  3. كم تكلفت قناة دبي المائية؟

According to the information provided in the text, state whether the following statements are true or false:

  1. The basin of Dubai Water Canal ranges from 80-100 meters.

  2. The project includes a shopping centre.

  3. The project will include a number of hotels.


افتتح = opened/inaugurated

قناة  = canal

مشاريع  = projects

سياحية  = tourist

اقتصادية  = economic

تربط  = connect

مسافة  = distance

تكلفة  = cost

إجمالية  = total

تتجاوز = exceeds

محور  = axis

رئيسي  = main

حوض  = basin

يتراوح بين  = ranges between

يشمل  = include

مركز = center

تسوق  = shopping

مرافق  = facilities

ترفيهية = recreational

يحتوي على  = include

مرافئ  = marinas

يخوت  = yachts

قوارب  = boats

فنادق = hotels

Come back again soon to check your answers and read the transcription of the news story.


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